Monday, January 10, 2011

Jill Kargman Style

Introducing Guest InsiderStyle-er Jill Kargman
(Jill hates the word blog. We hate it, too. Nobody puts baby in a blog.)

by Jill Kargman

I always hated that song "Ooooooh, baby I love you way."

What WAY?!

I don't know, it just felt cheesisssssimi and bugged moi. But then every once in a whole you see a really stylish person - their general look, their makeup, the way they carry themselves, and (not to be so SoCal, but) they're VIBE. And you think, okay, I still hate that song but peeps can have a "way." Style is a way -- the sum greater than the parts of the clothes or the stature or the accessories. My new tattoos are so part of my style now and I feel like I let my inner goth-girl out of my jappy cage. And it's so much more fun! Style is whatever you want to exude that day, and while I'm not into style schizos (all black in NYC and then whale belts on the Vineyard) I totally get different moods dictate different getups. But above all, style is a string sense of self, even if that self evolves, and being the anti-lemming who has his or her very own, (with uniqueness being vastly more important than trends) WAY.

The End
(of the guest part)

Now it's us writing - hello it's me Todd Rundren style (we wonder if he makes Jill gag. We kinda dig him). And thanks for nothing, Jill, but some of us late-lunchers nearly choked on our Hot and Sours (Main Noodle House, after much deliberation, we deem particularly baller) at the whale belts on the Vineyard "style schizos."

"It's my first nonfiction memoir." - J. Kargman
 Yes, Jill is an Upper East Sider and even though Chanel's Arie Kopelman may be her father, she's the girl rocking the Goyard bag. . . with skulls. And Gawker gawk away she is the most ridiculously refreshing person you'll ever meet at a stuffy cocktail party. Jill's website is like a free ebook of awesomeness - yes, "shizzle I worship" and "other crap I dig" are categories she takes very seriously - Nine Inch Nails and pearls can co-exist.

Mikimoto f*ck you like an animal style.

Can we add that she had us at "beeyootchy socialite?" Seriously, get lost in it. The bio alone - "Jill Kargman is a writer based in New York City who is deathly afraid of clowns" will kill you.

Don't be fooled, though - the levity is grounded by an insider whose intelligence, wit, and razor-sharp lens for the nonsensical establish her as a modern day Voltaire, Candide style. Her novels have been national bestsellers and published in eight different languages, and now, right in time for Valentine's Day you can pre-order her next gem - (it's already #12 on Amazon, and Oprah's Nate Berkus states, "I promise this book will make you laugh out loud.")

Jill Kargman's first non-fiction memoir in essay form

Why Valentine's? The cover is ruby red and. . . well, some chocolates have nuts. But seriously, what's love if not laughter, and if you can put down anything Kargman has ever written after reading the first sentence (even if you're the type who needs to pop an Adderall to get through an episode of Entourage) you will be transfixed. She might be the only writer we think makes TV seem kinda boring.

Subscribe to JBCStyle's VIPStyle today (upper left corner) if you're too lazy to hit Barnes and Noble for a little pre-order style right now - we just ordered a few copies to give away to subscribers - winners will be announced the first week of February. Make sure to check out our Kargman favorites:

xoxo 92nd Street Y. . .

Harder to spot than the devils in Prada and far more nefarious. . .

Because really, WHO isn't???
 Thank you, Jill Kargman, for your eloquent definition of style, and for continuing to keep us entertained - and enlightened - all these years.

Bring your cerebrum to the bathtub and the beach, style.

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