Thursday, September 30, 2010

JBCStyle: Woot Woot Style

Stubbs and Wootton have their new Fall collection out. . . say what you like, there's something so fabulous and Palm Beach and I-Don't-Work-I-Golf-For-A-Living about these babies when they peep out from a pair of his trousers.

Do you have a Stubbs guy in your life? The blue babies with the gold crown are so baller they put the Worth  in the Avenue if you get our drift.

Yep, we're all about footwear style, too.

JBCStyle: Under the Desk Style

It's not just about the desk and your computer and what's going on at eye-level. The team at JBCStyle is very into details. If we visit you, we take it all in. We hope you'll come visit us and check out what's going on under our desks.

No, our obsession with our little dudes will never end style.

JBCStyle: Paris With Pierre Style

Pietro Cardin, at 88 years of age, is a living legend. It was his first ready-to-wear show in over a decade and here are our favorite looks from Paris to you.

For the love of avant garde, for the man who fearfully exclaimed, "The jean! The jean is the destructor! The jean is destroying creativity. The jean must be stopped."

For anyone with a vision who refuses to be stopped, we salute you, Monsieur Cardin. Still a maestro.

JBCStyle: Follow In Daddy's Footsteps Style

Ithan Shayne Zaslow is not very big, but he thinks big. And he has EXCELLENT hair.

He thought it was cool and all that his daddy was on Fox Business last week, but he decided to up the ante a little and kick it on Rachel Ray this morning.

Click here to watch Ithan's deep thoughts on the fate of breakfast cereal. We also think the little kid in the green shirt has some pretty dope insights on celebrities.

Bryan, with all due respect, Ithan is so cool in preschool that he almost makes you look like a. . . .well we feel bad saying it as we would very much like to get paid tomorrow, and pictures speak a thousand words.

Any fool can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a Daddy.     
-Phillip Whitmore, Sr.

JBCStyle: One Stop Shop

They look like meticulously styled looks featuring pieces garnered from boutiques and department stores far and wide. What if we told you that all the looks below feature items that can be purchased in one place?

J. Crew style. . .

JBCStyle: Coco For Coco Style

It's the last day. . . tomorrow we pick one lucky subscriber to our JBCStyle blog to win this gorgeous Chanel handbag. Simply look to the left - see our VIP Room? Fill in your email and make sure to click the confirmation link that is emailed directly thereafter. We pick our lucky winner and announce him or her tomorrow. . .and then we do it all over again with another great give away.

Subscribers only style.

JBCStyle: Immortelle Style

Imagine a flower which never loses its hue. It will never fade, even when picked. By its Latin name Helichrysum it is "the golden sun," for the Corsicans it is simply a magical flower. For thousands of years the plant has been known in the Mediterranean regions for it's healing properties.

Now imagine its essence, captured in a bottle, and applied to the face.  An elixir of youth, perhaps the fountain itself. . .

We were skeptics. There are so many skincare treatments out there and everyone seems to have found the next anti-aging secret waiting merrily for you behind the confines of a $1000 dollar jar. The idea of two dollar cold creams purchased at a drug store has long vanished.

Drowned at the bottom of a pond. (We'll wait. That was funny.)

But a visit to our neighborhood L'OCCITANE store, and a trial run left us just a little speechless. The effect is instantaneous. Immediate brightening of the skin. Radiance. It is a divine cream. And if you purchase it today L'OCCITANE is giving away a gorgeous Divine Vanity Set. Everyone thinks it's gauche to share prices, but we're all about let's get real style.

It's under one hundred dollars.

There's a Corsican ray of sunlight for your wallet and your skin. Vivre le Mediterranean, and vivre a skincare line still true to its 1976 Provence beginnings. So while the heavens pour and the sky casts gloom today, take fifteen minutes on your lunch hour and kick it L'OCCITANE style. Their staff is always super friendly, and they are just waiting to apply all kinds of free magic to your skin.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

JBCStyle: Ainsley Earhardt Style

We were so thrilled when Ainsley Earhardt stopped by today to say hi with her Yorkies Saks Fifth Avenue ("Saks") and Sassy (in bow) to meet Bryan. Sassy took a sassy little nip at Rylee the chocolate lab, but Rylee was undeterred. That's the thing with puppies. No grudges, and pure love all the time.

We should all be like a chocolate lab. Okay, maybe be like a chocolate lab and look like Ainsley? We can't decide, but we dig them both.

There's always something going on in our office. Never a dull moment. But one thing is always consistent. No matter what is happening, Harold Moscowitz always disapproves and observes judgementally from afar.

Loner style. Even they're welcome here.

JBCStyle: Elise Overland Style

Designer Elise Overland  designs clothes "my girlfriends and I would want to where when we go out at night." And for anyone who thinks she's only got that downtown girl in mind, think again. Her collection is also available at chic uptown boutique Edit.

Elise Overland and Byrdie Bell

"My clothes are sexy and form fitting - like the leather leggings - but then I'll pair them with something feminine and unexpected, like a nude chiffon blouse. But yes, there is always that rock and roll vibe. I'm inspired by the woman who finds clothes exciting."

Elise Overland in her famed leggings

Sometimes all you need is one piece to take your pre-existing fall wardrobe into another stratosphere. We found her leggings on shopbop and have heard Ali Larter, Ashley Tisdale and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz have been spotted rocking them all around town.

We can't help but ask Elise - did she really design for Steven Tyler? She laughs and nods yes: "Steven Tyler asked me to design his stage clothes while I was a student at Parsons. I've also designed for Aerosmith, White Stripes, Smashing Pumpkins, Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, and the Dixie Chicks."

With a white tee-shirt or that sexy chiffon shirt in an animal print. We're all about putting a little edge in our fall style.

Rock and roll, baby.

JBCStyle: Lanvin Ecommerce Style

Lanvin has launched it's ecommerce site. Check it.

JBCStyle: Retail Networking Style

Last night we held our first Fashion Retail and Networking event at The Ainsworth.

Recently voted the #1 sports bar in Manhattan by Zagats, the space was the ideal, laid-back setting for conversation and cocktails. Paige Group's Brian Mazza was a constant presence and our point person; his attention to detail and professionalism assured our loyalty. We highly recommend the venue for all your business events. (Please don't ask about the Baked Mac and Cheese with parmesan bread crumb crust or the Braised Short Rib Grilled Cheese. . .it's back to diet style today) Representatives from American Eagle, Burberry, Temperley London, L'Occitane, Neiman Marcus, David Yurman, The Limited, Swarovski, Facconable, Eileen Fisher, Montblanc, Converse and more mingled with candidates looking to work in the retail industry. Of course the JBCStyle team at the New York office were on hand to faciliate introductions.

Senior Vice President Jennifer Kirschner (pictured below with CEO Bryan Zaslow) shares, "I was extremely impressed by the amazing turnout and I especially want to thank the Retail Committee for their hard work and effort - Lauren Liebler, Shana Penczak, Jackie Conner, Jackie Rubenstein, Carrie Zwiebach, Ashley Kahn, and Nikki Belinkie."

We celebrated post-event with a bottle of champagne and greeted the newest member of our team, Dabney Mercer, Manager of Social and Media Relations. It was great to be able to convene outside the office and just enjoy each other's company. Senior Vice President Carrie Zwiebach remarked, "It was just wonderful to see how happy everyone was."

In a post-roundup this morning with Pax Zaslow and Harold Moscowitz (respectively quite irritated about NYC's restaurant dog policy) Shana Penczak reflected, "It was an incredibly successful event. Candidates met great clients, clients met great candidates, and we can't wait to see how much bigger and better our next event will be. Brian and Amanda at The Ainsworth were an amazing team to work with."

To hear all about the latest events, job listings, or general office kookiness follow JBCStyle Fashion Recruiters on Facebook and don't forget that until October 1st you can still enter to win A FREE CHANEL HANDBAG - all you have to do is subscribe to our blog.

We're all the office working for you - submit your resume and let us get to know you!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

JBCStyle: Oh Oscar Style

The wedding dress might just be the most important dress a girl wears in her life. And there's just something about Oscar de la Renta's bridal collection that makes you stop and just say, "Oh. . ."

We loved all your feedback on our exclusive snaps from Maggie Rizer's wedding, and the bride looked so exquisite in her Oscar gown. . .

Why we just can't get enough of her? Because only Maggie would get down in yards of lace and whispers of fabric to make sure Henry and Albert didn't feel slighted.

Add the backdrop of Manhattan to an Oscar gown as Darcy Jones did when she wed Nathaniel Fogg, and the romance simply continues . . . on the runway the dresses are beautiful, but when you see them on the bride on the day itself, it's a take your breath away moment.

Oscar de la Renta style and the kiss that lasts a lifetime. We still believe in it.

JBCStyle: Free Style

On October 1, 2010, we will pick one lucky subscriber. If you haven't subscribed yet, the VIP room is to the left. We have a little black magic for the lucky winner. Subscribe, and promise us if you win you'll send us a picture of you rocking this delicious quilted number so we can feature you right here. If we email you, you can even come on over to the office and receive our first JBCStyle VIP Subscriber give away. There's nothing better than a little bragging style, and we'll help you do it.

This is just the beginning. VIP it, baby.

JBCStyle: Most Eligible Men in Fashion Style

Refinery29 really poured some sugar on us this morning. Their Fashion's Most Eligible Bachelors piece by Kristian Laliberte, Willow Lindley, and Connie Wang has us all fired up. We're not playing favorites, but we do happen to have a lot of girls in this office and while all 25 men are smoking, these two are very sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet.

Peruse the gallery - number 17 might be our next choice. . .and good golly miss molly can you please take a moment and appreciate number 2? And why are the lyrics to Def Leppard's song so good? That's two questions we're throwing your way. 

We know they're difficult, but we've moved into Deep Thoughts Style. Rainy Tuesday Procrastination Style. Comment away.

JBCStyle Adam Lippes Rocks Style

Yesterday we told you We Got Wall, but today it's all about Adam Lippes' heart. If you don't know the hottie behind the uber chic Meatpacking District store, you can read his bio here. (We pause. Yes, he really did all that and is still the coolest and most down-to-earth dude).

It was so simple. Adam just wanted everyone to know that he loves dogs.

So he invited the dogs to his store.

Kids love dogs, so kids came, too. Adam liked that a lot.

ASPCA dogs who didn't have a home could come and wait in the hopes that someone would adopt them. Adam helped make the introductions, and also donated proceeds from the day to the ASPCA.

Dogs ruled the store. They could do anything they wanted.

If we were Eve, we would definitely give this Adam an apple and an A+ for being awesome. Word.

Monday, September 27, 2010

JBCStyle We Got Wall Style

JBCStyle has quickly matured into a leading full-service staffing agency for the fashion world - apparel, footwear, accessories, handbags, beauty, home, action sports, while simultaneously expanding into growing divisions catering to each of the advertising, marketing, entertainment, hospitality and creative services industries. But it's also our style to give you the full picture, and if Bryan Zaslow has a rare free moment he'd rather play a little Miss Pac Man or check out a mysterious plastic weapon than focus on office decor. Toddler ninja is the name of the game. Why not?

Katrina Szish popped in to say hi and she's laughing. Laughter, like our high volume candidate flow through the office, is an immeasurable power. But while joy is priceless, Zaslow is now deadly serious, puts down his weapon, and cites numbers that may suggest otherwise.

There are about 800 companies in the fashion industry employing around 175,000 people. JBCStyle sees fifty plus percent of them out of our New York office on an annual basis. How much more of a niche exclusive eye can we have to showcase fashion to fashion? Or talent to fashion?
-Bryan Zaslow, CEO JBCStyle

The statistic staggers. The fact that it is true almost leaves you a little breathless - are there really untapped resources left in Manhattan? Gold rush, baby. We're with Jonathan Adler - modesty is overrated. To test the value of our walls, we turn to KiptonART's art rental program. Grammy Award Winning violinist Joshua Bell vouches, "I called KiptonART to curate my space. . . they transformed it from a blank canvas into a stunning art gallery in just three days." He's right. That's exactly what they did for us. But hardly had we started to revel in the transformation. . .

. . .when one of the pieces catches the eye of a stylist visiting our office. She wants to buy it. The rental has found a home, and we now fear the unbearable blankness of being its loss will bring, Milan Kundera style. There is an inexplicable longing for the energy art brings. . . the absence lingers.

If you are a new artist or designer seeking visibility, go to We Got Wall. Show us your stuff. If we dig it and there's space, we'll hook you up.




We just like to be happy. And maybe support an emerging talent who isn't in the mood to sell an organ to pay for PR.

If you got talent, we got wall.