Monday, September 27, 2010

JBCStyle We Got Wall Style

JBCStyle has quickly matured into a leading full-service staffing agency for the fashion world - apparel, footwear, accessories, handbags, beauty, home, action sports, while simultaneously expanding into growing divisions catering to each of the advertising, marketing, entertainment, hospitality and creative services industries. But it's also our style to give you the full picture, and if Bryan Zaslow has a rare free moment he'd rather play a little Miss Pac Man or check out a mysterious plastic weapon than focus on office decor. Toddler ninja is the name of the game. Why not?

Katrina Szish popped in to say hi and she's laughing. Laughter, like our high volume candidate flow through the office, is an immeasurable power. But while joy is priceless, Zaslow is now deadly serious, puts down his weapon, and cites numbers that may suggest otherwise.

There are about 800 companies in the fashion industry employing around 175,000 people. JBCStyle sees fifty plus percent of them out of our New York office on an annual basis. How much more of a niche exclusive eye can we have to showcase fashion to fashion? Or talent to fashion?
-Bryan Zaslow, CEO JBCStyle

The statistic staggers. The fact that it is true almost leaves you a little breathless - are there really untapped resources left in Manhattan? Gold rush, baby. We're with Jonathan Adler - modesty is overrated. To test the value of our walls, we turn to KiptonART's art rental program. Grammy Award Winning violinist Joshua Bell vouches, "I called KiptonART to curate my space. . . they transformed it from a blank canvas into a stunning art gallery in just three days." He's right. That's exactly what they did for us. But hardly had we started to revel in the transformation. . .

. . .when one of the pieces catches the eye of a stylist visiting our office. She wants to buy it. The rental has found a home, and we now fear the unbearable blankness of being its loss will bring, Milan Kundera style. There is an inexplicable longing for the energy art brings. . . the absence lingers.

If you are a new artist or designer seeking visibility, go to We Got Wall. Show us your stuff. If we dig it and there's space, we'll hook you up.




We just like to be happy. And maybe support an emerging talent who isn't in the mood to sell an organ to pay for PR.

If you got talent, we got wall.

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