Why JBCStyle?

JBCStyle and its sister company Jonathan Beth Consultants along with our newly launched JBCConnect are privately held New York Corporations with offices in New York City, Los Angeles & San Francisco. Founded in 2003, JBCStyle is the leading full-service talent recruitment agency in the fashion, retail, beauty, action sports, and home industries. Jonathan Beth Consultants, built for the American Cancer Society, has evolved into a technology based HR platform which consists of its proprietary database, payroll and electronic timesheet solutions, and placing talent within the not for profit industries. JBCConnect launched during the winter of 2010 is our creative arm focusing on the recruitment of talent within the creative, interactive, advertising and marketing sectors.

Each of JBCStyle, Jonathan Beth Consultants and now JBCConnect (“JBC”), has earned a reputation for placing, managing and payrolling (if applicable) exceptional talent from entry to executive level and retained search within the corporate and retail environments of its partners. JBC sources and matches highly qualified employees within elite organizations in both permanent and freelance capacities while also customizing payroll solutions for corporations of all shapes, sizes, and designs.

Simply said, the objective of JBC is to launch long-term, successful partnerships between the individuals we place and the clients we wake up for each day. Anything less is not the JBC way. We aspire to eliminate all of the hassle and uncertainty in looking for the best for your business. JBC as a team is unique in its passion for the industry and its innate desire to help your business flourish. Within JBCStyle our highly skilled team is trained to understand the breadth of corporate, retail, and creative positions that exist within the fashion and retail industry. Our savvy recruiters operate under a team structure which enables each of them to seamlessly direct recruitment efforts within all sectors, including but not limited to:

*administrative staff * allocation * buying * corporate finance * design * executive search * general accounting * graphic design * human resources * marketing * merchandising * planning * product development * production * public relations * regional/divisional management * retail * sales (wholesale & retail) * sourcing * styling * technical design

As part of our approach, every JBC candidate has had an in depth interview with one of our JBC recruiters. If applicable, in design roles portfolios have been assessed, and references have been vetted. The expertise of our recruiters and our approach saves you time, effort and money, and leaves you free to focus on other areas of business. JBC’s team structure eliminates the traditional competitive approach in recruitment, and allows for better client service. When we are presented with a particular search, it is in the interest of every one of our employees to fill that position. Our team’s efforts become consolidated, resulting in a faster and higher quality placement. This translates into JBC becoming a deeper and more profound resource for YOU.

To learn more about JBCStyle or the impact of JBCStyle’s exclusive freelance & or payroll solutions, please visit the company website’s at http://www.jbcstyle.com/ & http://www.jbeth.com/ & http://jbcconnect.com/ or contact Ashley Kahn, Executive Assistant to the President and CEO by calling (212) 355- 3197.