Monday, February 28, 2011

Vanity Fairest, Angels Style

They kissed. It's weird. Lighting up online and blowing hot air out of your blog; we think it's time to log off style. If you're from New York City and love rock n' roll and leather and don't really care who's looking or what they're saying, and yeah, your daddy, too, then you know what we think about red carpet style and what it really takes to steal the scene.

Lourdes almighty. . . papa don't preach style. . .

Black swans in the City of Angeles. East Coast Angels style.

Tamsen Fadal's Bond Girl Style

Introducing Emmy Award winning Television Journalist, Relationship Expert and Author Tamsen Fadal. . .

by Tamsen Fadal

Bond Girl Style is the sexy, sleek, and smart style every woman should know. Feeling your best and looking your best when you date is the ultimate style must. The Bond Girl always gets her James Bond, too, so you'll want to learn her secrets. Here's how to be a Bond Girl on your next date, or at least look one...

Friday, February 25, 2011


We like how this company sounds. We like to linger over the "age" part and feel extremely April in Paris style. Mah-kaggggeeeeeeee trรจs chic style. We turn to the company's founders, Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan, for the profound meaning.

Mackage me style. . .

Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan
Turns out the mellifluous word has no meaning. . .but simultaneously means everything in the world. Eran's niece mispronounces "maquillage," the French word for makeup. She calls it simply, "Mackage." Disappointed? Mais non style - we like them even better. When the doodles and dreams of two twelve year olds manifest into one of the most prestigious outerwear brands in the country, and the parent company APP Group, founded by Eran's older brother Michel (father of famous niece) and Ilan is regarded as a veritable leader in the outwear market, there are no appropriate words. It's the stuff of dreams. Mackage indeed. And in 2010, the dream got just a little bigger. . .

Introducing Guest Contributor Chris Del Gatto, Diamond As Big As The Ritz Style

Let other people play at other things. . .the King of Games is still the King of Games.
-Stone tablet, Skardu polo grounds north of Kashmir circa 13th century
NYSD's David Patrick Columbia asks, "Who is Chris Del Gatto anyway" and (unthinkable style) he only has nice things to say. The New York Post calls him "a gem of a guy" (what happened to their snarkster style?) and after profiles in WSJ, The New York Times, Whitewall, Interview, and countless other magazines (yeah, most of them were cover style) AND the recent, unprecedented collaboration with the CFDA during NYFW, there's not much we can say about the CEO and Founder of Circa Jewelry. Did we mention he's under 40, cites Steve McQueen as his style icon, and likes horses, jewelry, and fashion? We don't believe he's real, Casper the friendly ghost style. 

In the rare instance InsiderStyle finds itself without words (we're kinda under shock and awe, Desert Storm style) we turn to Chris Del Gatto today and ask him, "How do you define style?"

by Chris Del Gatto

The people who always leave the greatest impression on me are the ones with an almost natural, or innate elegance. This is not only in the clothing category, but simply in how they live. It almost doesn’t matter who or what they’re wearing; these people rarely follow trends, they just live stylishly. The way they look at life or treat people is done with a thoughtfulness that to me is the epitome of elegance. Whether being asked for advice when you’re not in the mood, or putting an outfit together; there’s a sensibility that’s always there that equates to being elegant. You can be the most beautifully dressed person in the world and not look right when certain things are missing on the inside……

The End

Talk about dope definition style. . .

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday After Work Cocktails at Lavo

Work is the curse of the drinking classes.
Oscar Wilde

No minimums. No lines. No who you knows. You can place a call and make a simple table reservation, old school style. Elegant, easy, and en route from the Fashion District to the Upper East Side (we're down with reverse commute style, too). 

Saturday brunch wildness is reserved for Saturday. The girls in stilts are resting up for the weekend. Ditto on the chicks who came out in the bathtubs and the. . . bird cages.

It's Wednesday perfection style; quiet, dark, roomy. . .for when your tastes grow up, Canada Dry style. Tip toe in tonight as Richard Thomas takes a little break from the Avenue and kicks back with some dope beats and smooth drinks. Set Adrift on Memory Bliss Style. Tell him we invited you, because we just did style.

6:30 Pinot date. . . La La Lavo.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Paris Hilton's Lavo Rising Birthday Style

If a life and death situation kept you from attending, give us two minutes and it will feel like you did. . .

Friday, February 18, 2011

Naeem Khan Fall 2011: Urban Maharani Style

No detail left untouched from the beginning to the end. . .
The New York Post

An entire dress appeared to be floating. . .

Nothing is too much for Naeem Khan. . .
Women's Wear Daily

First Lady Style
The essence of luxury, with an eye for restraint. The opulence of Jaipur juxtaposed with the modern silhouette and masterful art of draping acquired at Halston. But quintessentially Naeem Khan.

If Lincoln Center was Mount Olympus this week, Naeem's Fall 2011 collection was its ambrosia. The final toast was his, and his dresses spilled from the stage into the night sky. A thousand stars glittered and Ranjana was the eternal, sparkling front-row Sita.

Embodiment of style; ancient, modern, and ever-present. Urban maharani style.

The show-stopping gowns and the show. . .

New York Post Scary Shih Tzu Style

Harold Moscowitz and Luigi Maestro are NOT pleased with The New York Post today. This article suggests, "New York's most vicious dogs are, in this order, the pit bull, the Rottweiler, the Shih Tzu, Chihuahua and standard poodle."  First of all, Chihuahuas, Harold believes, are 100 percent more violent than he is. Aren't they those nasty little guys that eat all the tacos? Shih Tzus, on the other hand, stem from dog royalty; the oldest variety of the Tibetan holy dogs and the treasured gems of the Chinese Imperial Palace. Needless to say, JBCStyle resident Shih Tzus Harold Moscowitz and Luigi Maestro are furious. They are convinced Lorena Mongelli and Kevin Fasick (authors of troubling piece) must have cats. There is just no other explanation.

Not very stylish style. . .

An outrage

Luigi is little and cries while Nikki assuages his aching heart (Note our stylish new logo and new, red accent walls!)

It all started this morning at the newstand. . . right after JBCStyle Creative Director Anisha received a buzz of text messages. Many people thought it was her dog on the cover (due to a little, er, misunderstanding last week - more on that later). Harold and Luigi wanted to come investigate this incredible breach of style for themselves. . . 

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson Gilt Groupe Style

Introducing Guest Contributor and Gilt Groupe Co-Founder 
Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

by Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

Trailblazer Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

Someone who has style demonstrates confidence. One of the things I love best about style is that it is unique and is diverse. Style does not need to follow rules. In my opinion, someone with true style is a trailblazer others can’t help but follow.

The End

Mondrian Soho and VMan, He-Man Style

Yeah, we know Kanye was there, and that the VMan21 party was dope.

But did anyone catch a glimpse of our favorite smokeshows of the night?

Proenza Schouler Fall/Winter 2011 Heathers Eagles Style

Imagine if your school principal, your parents, the scariest teacher you ever had, and the most popular kids at school were all seated front row for your fashion show. Veronica Saywer If you want to f*ck with the eagles you have to learn to fly, Heathers 1988 style.

An intimidating front row - Anna, Grace, Glenda, Chloe and more oh my! - means you have arrived. Start flapping, boys. . .

Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez certainly did in their ability to capture the edgy-luxe niche; almost impossible to do well, and even harder to do flawlessly. The Proenza boys flew way beyond eagles and straight through the atmosphere, but we can't help thinking the music choice was an homage to Judgement Day. A little fear is good style.

See (and hear) for yourself style. . .

Elie Tahari Through A Ragozzino Lens Style

Photographer Will Ragozzino took some of the most stunning pictures this week; his coverage of the Elie Tahari show was nothing short of spectacular. . .with the sheer content and coverage necessities of each show, editors, photographers, and fashion enthusiasts alike can become overwhelmed. The eye becomes blurred, the ability to edit is often compromised, and maintaining a fine balance between capturing the image and remaining true to the art - with photography especially - can be a challenge. His gallery for this show is exquisite.

Fire and ice style. . .

Gorgeous selects and the full show. . .

Van Cleef and Arpels Gala

The Cooper-Hewitt glittered for the Van Cleef black-tie gala, and fashion week was on its best behavior for the grand dame of 5th Avenue jewelers. . .Sightings included Vera, Chelsea, Gossip Girl and her mother, and the Wu himself - with a little Patrick McMullan icing on top.

Chelsea Clinton and Mark Mezvinsky

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy 30th Anniversary Michael Kors, Bemelmans Style

"He loves women and women love him."
Ken Downing, Neiman Marcus Fashion Director

Michael Kors had an incredible week - Fall 2011 NYFD also fell on the year he celebrated his 30th anniversary. . . the show, the surprise Bette Midler serenade afterwards, and the party at Bemelman's that was so full of stars even Madison Avenue had to wear shades. . .

Happy 30th Michael Kors from JBCStyle
Check it out style.

Nicole Miller Fall 2011 Style

We always love the icons. . . the ones who, decade after decade, just have a track record of killing it. Don't mess with success style. . .

Gabrielle Union, Taraji P. Henson

Bettina Zilka and Alexander Mehran (fresh off a flight from Cali!)

Carol Alt, Kimberly Guilfoyle, June Ambrose, Kim Hastreiter, Gabrielle Union

Sara Ziff, Maggie Rizer Mehran
The stage clears as quickly as it filled. . . and on to PinkTartan!

Sophisticated, stylish, and always modern with clean lines and a sleek palette. Nicole Miller style.

Moncler Grenoble Fall 2011 Grand Central Station Style

Don't tell Moncler President Remo Ruffini where to hold his fashion show. Lincoln Center whhhhaaatt? He's going to conduct it wherever he damn pleases, Italiano Roman Emperor style.

Absolutely sick. Come on ride the train style. . .

Favorite NYFW Facebook Moment Style

We're a little obsessed with WWD Senior Editor David Lipke's post this fashion week. . .prefaced only with "Those were the days," he posted the following video. The song. The girls.

Take our breath away style.

Kelly Ripa Style

Introducing Guest Contributor Kelly Ripa

by Kelly Ripa

America's Favorite Lady in Red
Right now I'm obsessed with all things Victoria Beckham. . . 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jessica Simpson's Billion Dollar Boots, Walking on Water Style

It's not Daisy Duke's milkshake that's bringing all the Benjamins to the yard, and she's certainly not touting a "it's better than yours" snobbery, but Miss Chicken of the Sea is doing something right because her empire, according to this STAGGERING PIECE in New York Magazine, is worth about. . . a billion dollars. Makin' Michael Kors money at Macy's style.

She could teach you, but she'd have to charge style.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NYFW Lincoln Center Doing It Daily Style

Some people can't get enough and live to do it Daily style.

Out of cab fare and with nothing left to wear save his birthday suit, Luigi gives up his front row seat.

Susan Lucci's 'All My Life' Memoir Style

What's better than Erica Kane coming face to face with all her TV husbands on Oprah? The long anticipated memoir by the most famous face in daytime drama history. . .

Only bad girls can have it all style.

HarperCollins Publishers release Susan Lucci's memoir on March 29th, but Erica would say, "I want it now." Pre-order it today (it may be fashion week, but prepare for spring break reading style) and embark

Betsey Johnson Fall 2011

You can watch Betsey Johnson's Fall 2011 show here, or we can all cut to the chase and answer the question. . .

Did she do it again style?

Rebecca Taylor Fall 2011

She's one of the nicest human beings you'll ever meet, and continues to create the kind of reach-into-the-runway-and-hang-in-your-closet looks that just seem to work with our lives. They flatter, they're feminine, and they fit - Rebecca Taylor Fall 2011 was as good as she always is. . . which is why her show continues to be the must-stop across the board - celebrities, editors and everything in between.

Sexy librarian style. . .

Most popular girl at Lincoln Center style. . .

Pamella Roland Fall 2011 Grandeur Style

Pamella DeVos of Pamella Roland
Never mind Pamella DeVos' Sharon Stone Basic Instinct style looks, or that plays a major role in every facet of her business, from creation to final edits, hiring staff, managing sales, as well as public relations and marketing efforts. Never mind that her Fall 2011 collection cast a Grace Kelly spell over Lincoln Center today, or that each look she sent down the runway was breathtaking in its femininity, and immaculate in its construction. That's usually enough to wow us style; the juxtaposition of exquisite, ladylike silhouettes sauntering casually to beats reminiscent of an Ibiza rave would just be the icing. Never mind that you can catch the whole show here and see for yourself style, or that the ABPR girls - and Alison Brod in particular as the last "man" standing when the lights went dark - orchestrated a seamless show.

No, none of those hold a candle to her finale.

We've grown so used to applauding for the designer after a show's end, then awaiting the casual wave, the shy nod, the now-you-see-me-now-you-don't-aw-shucks move that has become de rigeur. Mais non style. The collection was indeed breathtaking - oriental luxe meeting big city glamour and sophistication - but that ending - on Saint Valentine's Day - uplifted, inspired, and reminded everyone in the room that to show a stunning collection on stage during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is indeed a dream realized. And for those who limit their definition of love to merely the romantic, Pamella Roland ventured fearlessly (and rightfully) where so few go, and in those emotional moments reminded us all of a love which transcends fashion, the stage, and perhaps anything we will see all week. See for yourself style. . .

Anna Wintour's NYFW Fall 2011 Style

She's still a lion in winter and with so many shows to choose from, the ones Anna Wintour graces can look forward to Fall-ing 2011 in high style. Here's a look at the shows the Empress of Vogue has attended thus far. . .if she's looking, probably not a bad idea to give their lines a little glance style. . .

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is not over (well, till Naeem takes a bow on Friday) but here's where we have caught Anna thus far - we did a little stalking style last NYFW too, if you recall, and it's interesting to see the patterns, the departures, and her ever-loyal posse, beautiful bumble-bee style.

With Virginia Smith at Jason Wu

Monday, February 14, 2011

Shoes to Match, Painting the Town Red Roses Style

The new JBCStyle site was our company valentine to well, us - but we're sure all our fashion and retail clients and candidates are enjoying the cleaner, efficient design as well. Obviously a website is like a dress (just like life is like a box of chocolates style) and we needed shoes to match.

Wall Street Journal and Best Buy Style

COO Keith Geller rocking out in the Best Buy Business to Business campaign in the journal today. . .

Keep reading for a little video flashback style. . .

Valentine's Perfect Present: Peynet, Poetry, and Piano

Pope Gelasius I formally declared Valentine's Day  in 496 A.D. in memory of the Christian martyr, Saint Valentine, but the day did not get associated with romantic love until the Middle Ages through the writings of Geoffrey Chaucer. It was deleted from the Roman calendar in 1969 by Pope Paul VI, but Hallmark clearly missed that office memo; 141 million Valentine's Day cards are exchanged every year. Whether you're in - or out - of love this February 14th, we have three full-proof gift suggestions under $25 that transcend age, sex, and yes, even relationships. So whether you slacked and are empty-handed this morning, or you just want to get in the mood, InsiderStyle takes a break from the NYFW runway to dress you up in our love style. . .three affordable and romantic gift solutions.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ruffian Style

Brian Wolk and Claude Morais know a thing or two about the worm because it was early bird special style at Ruffian's Fall 2011 show, and it was off to Lincoln Center at 9 a.m. no time for Starbucks style.

Bryan Zaslow, texting front row style at Ruffian 
Sequins, leather, and ruffles before noon? Yes please. Here's the Ruffian collection if you didn't make it - and yes, when an entire collection looks good with a pair of silver strappies and a lucite heel that won't quit, it's time to contact Tuleste Market and let them know next season simply won't do. Want them NOW style. . .

Ruff Ruff, a big bone for Brian and Claude, doggy style.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kisses for Kim Kardashian, Love Kim Kardashian Style

Looks like Kim likes this cover a little bit more than the November W Magazine Silver Style. . .

We know what you're thinking, but if you keep up with the Kardashians, then try keeping up with our favorite little advocate, monsieur devil. Initially we may call this an act of vanity. . . however it is easier to hate than appreciate. It's Fashion Week - let's be benevolent and admit that maybe, just maybe if we were on the cover of Bazaar, we might kiss it (and Glenda Bailey, too). Maybe just not, er, tweet it.

Love thyself style. . .

Wildfox Foxy Girl Style

It's the ultimate goal of any good sleepover, girlfriends style. Be silly, play crazy, jump around, gossip, dream, create and be absolutely girly swirly cuckoo, then create a fashion label based on that spirit and have it be sold nationwide, available in over 30 countries, an Ecommerce site, and oh, while at it, be the apple of every celebrity and hip trendsetter's eye? Have The Hills girls stop by and Leigh Lezark and the MisShapes rock the crowd. Throw in some balloons. Let's do it. Let's call it Wildfox Couture - an American Vintage-inspired label based on magic and fun and friendship.  Emily Faulstich and Kimberley Gordon did a little why not style and threw quite possibly the most fun, irreverent, and fashion forward backward party at The Hudson Hotel's Good Units. . .

If you're not tempted just an itsy bit to check out their site and see for yourself, you're obviously down with some Pinocchio style. Gepetto that and check it out. . .

Heart Truth Style

They were poised at the edge of their seats. . .

Then that red dress, Chris DeBurgh style and it was ON. . the groundbreaking collaboration between the Federal government and the fashion industry that debuted during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2003 and continues to this day with a red hot pulse. . . The Heart Truth. Elite industry designers - Oscar, Vera, Donna - dress the leading models and celebrities of the day in siren red gowns; a beacon to females everywhere to take action and protect their heart health.

To us, the beat is a drum - the harbinger of that frenzied, bi-annual mania we dub simply, Fashion Week.

Ladies in red, bring it on style. . .

St. John Collection 2011 Style

For all of you who still think of the Queen when you hear someone speak of the Saint - St. John Collection that is - we've been there, done that style.

But if you saw what we saw at the St. John Collection 2011 Presentation today, you would be nothing short of jaw-drop style. . .

Amfar Style

I spy with my little InsiderStyle eye the red carpet at the AMFAR gala. . . who looks the best style? There were some uh-oh's and some oh no's to be sure, but we're playing nice because we respect the charity. We'll start with our favorite. . .

Rose Byrne and David Lauren
And then take you on a little journey down the red carpet and let you decide. . .

What Goes Around Comes Around Style

The What Goes Around Comes Around show was as sexy as Justin's style. . .

Here are our favorite looks and a little inside glimpse at how it all started. . .

Aniston and Adam Just Go With It Style

The Ziegfeld Theatre was lit up this week for a pre-Valentine's Day screening of Just Go With It, and before you guys groan about the romantic comedy you're going to be dragged to on Monday (yes, Valentine's Day falls on a Monday this year), don't worry, Brooklyn Decker gets kinda sorta naked-ish, so it's not all bad.

Trust the Sandler style. . .

For the trailer (and our vote for hottest woman in a strapless gown this year) read on. . .

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Style Etoile Style

The crew at the Style Etoile launch was glamorous, and Fashion Week will be hard pressed to live up to their gift bag. . .

Tinsley Mortimer (in gorgeous Jill Stuart) and Brian Mazza

Dannijo Style

Sisters Danielle and Jodie Syder founded DANNIJO jewelry line in 2008; it's handmade in NYC and flavored indie-hipster style with a medley of oxidized silver, gunmetal, aqua aura and gold. Danielle has a proclivity for the Native America Indian and tribal flair while Jodie leans towards 'ol Hollywood glam. We dig juxtaposition.

On behalf of the jewelry and lifestyle brand, the bevy of ABPR beauties orchestrated DANNIJO's first ever Fashion Week presentation. . . oh the weather outside was frosty. .  .

But inside it was totally toasty style!

Tracy Stern Celebrates Her Birthday Burlesque Style

Tracy Stern put the B in birthday party yesterday when she arrived at Gramercy Park's gorgeous National Arts Gallery and delighted her guests with an elaborate, Marie Antoinette inspired gown.

Let them eat cake style. . .

Chari-TEA benefitted the incredible charity Success For Kids (SFK) and Tracy's friends were all on hand to raise their tea cups to the birthday girl!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bryan's Tuleste Visit, Sisters On Top Style

What better time for Bryan Zaslow to visit Tuleste Market designers Celeste and Satu - quite possibly the nicest sister duo in the world - than the day their new shoe collection gets picked up by Fashion Week Daily? After the fashion world is done reading InsiderStyle (obviously), who doesn't take a peek at The Daily? The girls' RIDICULOUSLY hot shoe collection - um, that's right, so hot even pink and pretty Daily came close to (gasp!) cursing - will be on THE runway this Friday, Lincoln Center style. Collaborating with Ruffian, all models will be wearing Tuleste Market's sexy shoe line. . . we're so excited we don't even mind that the show is 9:00 a.m. crack of dawn style. . .

Celeste's fish Diego has a chic home, Frank Lloyd Wright style

Early bird and the worm and all that good stuff style. . .

Marks and Frantz Style

 Guest InsiderStyle Contributor(s) Lydia Marks and Lisa Frantz
(Sex and the City, The Devil Wears Prada, and more!)

by Lydia Marks and Lisa Frantz

Lydia Marks and Lisa Frantz. . . in a recognizable kitchen!