I have been working with JBCStyle Fashion Recruiters for many years now. Currently as the Director of HR for David Yurman, and previously Director of HR for Chanel as well as a few other luxury fashion brands, I can truly say that working with JBC, and in particular through Carrie Zwiebach has been an absolute pleasure. What I admire most about JBC is the speed at which they are able to respond with qualified candidates regardless of the position and level. In this fast paced fashion industry, time is of the essence, and with very little information from me, they can produce the RIGHT candidates every time. Not only that, but they handle the entire process including rejections with such ease, it makes my life as an HR Director so much easier. Carrie has always been so easy to work with and takes so little of my precious time, and produces what I need every time. I highly recommend JBCStyle Fashion Recruiters to any company who wants the right candidates quickly and cannot be bothered with all the details. They are my favorite recruiting firm to work with.    
-Carl Huttenberger,  David Yurman

I view the role of a recruitment firm as an extension of our HR team, which is generally why I am so selective about who we associate ourselves with. It is critical to me that all candidates are followed up with and given appropriate feedback. JBC makes the connection with candidates quickly and always keeping the reflection of the brand top of mind. In the 4 years I have worked with JBC, I have been both pleased and impressed with their ability to understand the ever changing needs of our business as well as the subtle nuances of our brand that make us unique. In placing candidates with us, the task is beyond identifying the skills that we need to perform a job, but finding the right person for the job, with the right soft skills and cultural fit. Bryan and his team just “get it." I am thrilled to have them as our partners in search.  
-Senior Vice President – Polo Ralph Lauren

JBCStyle delivers! That should be their motto. After being an HR Professional for many years, I have experienced many agencies that over promise and under deliver. From the beginning of our relationship JBC listened and met our needs time and time again. I am happy to say that this is just the beginning of a wonderful partnership.
 -Celeste Thompson, Eileen Fisher

Bryan, Keith and their excellent team of recruiters always give us great service and are able to find us fantastic candidates in both Canada and the United States. They seem to really "get us" as a company and are consistently directing candidates that are exactly what we are looking for. I am certain that their unique culture plays a large part in motivating their people to find great people for our organization. I am always assured that if JBCSTYLE sends me someone; I know that not only will they be high quality, but they will also be well prepared and knowledgeable about our company. Bottom line, I know that when I call JBC they will get the job done! 
  -Director of HR ‐ Nygard

I first started to work with JBCStyle about a year ago. I was immediately impressed with their attention to detail and quick turnaround time when presenting candidates. They are genuinely concerned about making the right fit not only for the company but for their candidates as well. They also take the time to follow up on the progress of the candidate after hire unlike many other agencies I have worked with in the past. I’ve never had anything but positive experiences with this company. 
 -HR Manager ‐ Sixty USA