Monday, January 31, 2011

Alison Brod Style

Introducing InsiderStyle Guest Contributor, Alison Brod

by Alison Brod

It all started in 1995. . .read all about it HERE

Sure, sure style is born, but today, style is easily bought. If you have money, you can throw an Amex down and hit twenty stylists before you even have the opportunity to make the worst dressed list. If you don't have money, you can buy the carefully merchandised contents of the windows of the hippest "fast fashion" stores and probably look just fine. The fun is gone - everyone - everyone is dress-by-numbers.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Peter Davis Style

Introducing Guest InsiderStyle Contributor Peter Davis

by Peter Davis

Welcoming Peter Davis, Avenue Magazine's new Editor-in-Chief

I find style pretty easy to define - you're either born with it, or you are not. It can't be taught or bought. Living in New York, I see a 

JBCStyle: Our Team Welcomes the New Army. . .We're Ready For Fashion Week

The nice people at Best Buy took this picture of us after they were done filming our Business to Business campaign story  and we thought what better day to share this baby than today. . .

Bryan Zaslow has gone all Alexander the Great style in the fashion recruiting world. We're getting company wide emails from him every five minutes. . . new recruits, new hires, and new departments budding from coast to coast. It may be January, but it's spring at the New York office and it's blossoming style.

To our new colleagues, here we are lined up William Wallace style sayin' hi and welcome.

Scribd Style

Cyber Space can be a little like Dylan's Candy Bar. . . you wander in to see what's new and exciting, nearly pass out from what can only be described as a candy rave, get overwhelmed, and walk out with twizzlers. Still using your computer for email style?

Everyone's got a site and a service, and the really profitable, amazing ones all seem to have sprung from the fountainhead of some pre-teen, pimple-faced genius who realized very early on that all you really need is Wi-Fi and a dream. Not bitter at all, just sayin' style. . .

So you may have heard of Scribd, the YouTube of the written word, and you may have even checked it out once or twice. Time to revisit. It's Johannes Gutenberg on speed - the absolute democratization of the written word and a platform perhaps a little more elevated than, er, a blog (no offense to us style) to publish anything. With over 60 million readers monthly and a Scribd store you can sell your writing, we can already hear Simon and Schuster sighing. But maybe not. . . Matt Schwartz, VP and Director of Digital Marketing and Strategy at Random House Publishing Group actually LOVES it and says,

Veuve Cliquot on Ice, DKNY Sunshine Style

We've gotta keep these babies away from Punxsutawney Phil next week because we're over the slush style. As for us. . . we cannot think of a better winter pick-me-up than these delicious DKNY for Veuve Clicquot rubber boots to keep us splish splashin' away through winter and well into April showers.

The two megabrands' collaboration is uber limited edition, and completely chic on the slopes, or après ski by the ice. They're $98 and you can have them right now - check it out.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eric Villency Style

CEO Eric Villency: A Study in Versatility
We'd like to edit Pilar Viladas' New York Times feature on former model Eric Villency; the title reads 'Modern Man' but a perusal of his personal site would give 'ol da Vinci a complex. The man isn't just blessed with good genes (and, yeah, he looks good in the denim kind, too) - currently the President and CEO of luxury home furnishings company Maurice Villency, Eric continues the tradition of craftsmanship and flawless attention to detail set forth by his grandfather in 1932. But the company, under Eric's direction, transcends the "we sell cool furniture" model and operates as a fully integrated design and branding firm; product development, fabrication, new media, industrial design, art, and fashion all fall under its sleek wing. With accolades including the prestigious FIT "All Star Salute" and IFDA "design industry" awards (the list goes on), don't be fooled by the placid waters of his blue eyes. 

Still waters run deep style.

The Supper Club's First Bite at Setai Fifth Avenue: Chef Michael White, Ai Fiori Style

Tamsin Lonsdale's coveted invite to sample acclaimed chef Michael White's latest gem Ai Fiori was ultimate January frosting. . .

Monday, January 24, 2011

Willie Randolph's Rose Style

We loved when baseball legend Willie Randolph called in and gave InsiderStyle a little exclusive on his own personal style. But the real style icon (in training style) in the family is clearly little Savannah Rose. She was spotted wearing her first pair of Hunter Original Gloss Rain Boots (in Savannah signature pink, obviously) which she procured from Nordstorm this weekend.

But a small re-examination of the styles little Savannah has already rocked in her young life has us convinced she's a star. Grandpa may have worked the diamond, but this little piece of pazazz already gets that fashion is about individuality, and a little personal flair. (Savannah is partial to flower power, leopard, and shades).

Whether she's taking a stroll down the street. . .

Sunday, January 23, 2011

FoxNews Geraldo At Large and Lighting it Up Style

There isn't anybody who hasn't seen Geraldo Rivera on TV at some point in their lives. Sensationalism style?? Try being fired from ABC for criticizing the network for allegedly putting the kibosh on his JFK totes had an affair with Marilyn special report. Or debuting his eponymous talk show with Maria Hanson, the slash-faced model (jilted lovers are dangerous style). Men in Lace Panties and Women Who Love Them created a stir, but then so did the day Geraldo broke his nose on national television when a fight broke out between racist skinheads and a black activist.

You think it's impossible, but there's always someone who hasn't seen this. . . Jerry Springer, stand aside for the Maestro of Mayhem style.

Rita Watson's Chiefs of Enchantment, Henri Bendel Style

Since 1895, Henri Bendel has been a Fifth Avenue gold standard for  whimsical luxury. In the tradition of its founder Henri Willis Bendel (he was the first to bring the designs of Coco Chanel to America) the iconic New York store is also synonymous with whatever is new, avante garde, or cutting edge in fashion. Limits are pushed - playfully - and trends are created, never followed. Since the 2009 decision to only feature accessories, cosmetics, and home items, being chosen to showcase a new line is a designer dream come true and for some, the ultimate endorsement. Not too long after our JBCStyle Pomega5 party for our VIP clients, we found ourselves back at Henri Bendel for a very special trunk show. . .

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Prince Style

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today for the announcement we were all waiting for. . .

Harry Winston on a Dime Carol Brodie Style

Carol Brodie learned a thing or two about jewelry after eight years as Global Director of Communications for world-renowned jeweler Harry Winston. Now the style maven and media personality enthusiastically teamed with HSN where her two-year old jewelry line, Rarities, is sold exclusively. New York Magazine's The Cut claims the line "looks like Harry Winston, feels like Cartier, is as classic as Tiffany, but costs less than a weekly stop at Whole Foods." We're sold style. Watch her HSN debut below or check out her latest piece on NBC on How To Wear Winter Jewelry.

JBCStyle Facebook Contest Winner

CONGRATULATIONS TO SHAUNA COPE! At exactly 3:00 p.m. Shauna, as per our contest regulations, was the first JBCStyle Facebook Friend featured on the upper left corner of our window. . . random rules style, we know, but it's our contest.

For everyone else, it's never too late. . . we'll be giving away all sorts of fun freebies, and as always we post our latest job listings on our page so make sure you're following us if you are searching for a job in the fashion industry.

For now, YAY SHAUNA! (sorry, Madison. . .)

Delman Raven Flat Boot Style

We visited the Delman Showroom a month ago - check out our visit here if you missed it - and were crazy about these boots! What fun - Delman posted Anisha's review of the Raven flat boot.

Roses from Tuleste for Facebook Friend Style

We're giving away Tuleste Market's rose bracelet to a Facebook friend this morning - if you missed our visit to the Tuleste Showroom (shitzus Harold Moscowitz and Luigi accompanied; Luigi ate the line sheets) you can check it out here. Alexa Chung rocked out the necklace and we all loved the way the necklace had a hard rock edge despite the feminine motif. . .

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What2WearWhere's Karen Klopp with Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto Style

Upper East Side StyleInsider and JBCStyle favorite Karen Klopp, founder of What2WearWhere, was back on Good Day New York this morning discussing travel style with co-hosts Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto - JBCStyle's Anisha Lakhani was onboard and psyched to model the Apres Ski look along with models Lara Glaister, Hilary Dick, Kalliope Karella, and Ashley Smith - Elizabeth Tuke from BrandStyle Communications oversaw to make sure we had a seamless segment. As New York shivers beneath a deluge of sleet, Karen brings you her top looks for less as you head to the airport and migrate south in search of blue skies and sunny rays. . .

Green Eyes, Golden Globes 2011 Style

2011 Golden Globe Red Carpet Love Is In The Air Style

The red carpet at the 2011 Golden Globes was cupid friendly this year as romantic frills and gowns in hues of red and pink fluttered in the spotlight. A JBCStyle valentine to some of our favorite sweetheart styles this year. . .

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Most Popular Youtube Video Of All Time Reveals Social Media's Ultimate Secret

We don't know whether to laugh or cry. Wanna know what the most popular youtube video of all time was (before a couple Justin Bieber videos took first and second place, but he's already got a Vanity Fair cover - further coverage on our blog would be too much glory for one child to handle) and still remains in almost every Top Most Watched Youtube Videos of all Time list?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Elephant Painting Style

Nature's great masterpiece, an elephant - the only harmless great thing.
John Donne

A JBCStyle Insider made a visit to Thailand to see if the elephants really were painting by themselves. We've been hearing about it for years, but you know us. We like to see for ourselves, and share our discoveries with you Here's our exclusive photo and our confirmation that this is all REAL:

Photography credit: Anjali Ahooja

Don't Let Facebook Go Mao Zedong - Fight Back Style

Facebook's team has either gone George Orwell 1984 Big Brother is Watching style or is taking some serious lessons from 'ol Chairman Mao, because these "upgrades" are not upgrades at all. An upgrade should be an improvement, or a change which benefits the user. Facebook's definition? We're doing it, you'll like it, now shut up. InsiderStyle refuses to accept. We do NOT like the little bar on the top of our heads with profile pictures. Only this guy does:

For the rest of us, we also do NOT like the fact that every time we do something - accept a friend, or write on someone's wall, there's a scorch trail left for everyone to see unless we physically go back and remove it.

We do NOT like the rapid, stealthy little changes which increasingly give people we do NOT want having access to our lives. . . well, having access to our lives.

Friday, January 14, 2011

201 Mulberry Catwalk, Park Here Style

There's a little Truman Show action going on Mulberry Street. Imagine green grass, sunny skies, and 73 degree weather. . . we know that Lincoln Center will be lit up when the shows start in a month, but we wouldn't mind seeing a presentation or two. . .

Warm weather and synthetic cat walk style.

The Best Makeup and Beauty Products of all Time

You've seen a million "Top 10 Best Makeup and Beauty Products" list, and so you may not initially be so allured by this one.  You've tried them all. If Sephora was a university, you would have two masters degrees and a Ph.d. And if you hear one more time that Great Lash Mascara (that pink and green thing they've been trying to shove down our throats for decades) is still the best mascara ever made, you'll scream. Because it's not. It's mediocre at best.  And the YSL Touche Éclat is decent - excellent at times - but hardly worth the reverent, whispered, "Have you tried touche?" unless you're allowed to respond, "It's been two decades. You tell me."

Best Foundation and Overall Make-Up Line

There is only one place in the United States where this product is currently sold, and we made sure we got our color before posting this. In the basement of the famed Plaza Hotel, fittingly right next to the Eloise salon, is a small Diego dalla palma counter. Founded in Milan in 1970 and dubbed the "Italian beauty temple" by American Vogue, every single item by this company destroys competitive products. Destroys. Lipsticks. Nailpolish. Foundation. . .oh the foundation. Chanel is great, and La Mer feels nice on the skin, but the Lifting Effect Cream foundation is ridiculous. Unlike anything you will ever try.  It smoothes, moisturizes, conceals, and firms. . . creamy, but never greasy, and key ingredient hibiscus extract myoxinal, a powerful, botox-like compound just transforms the skin. It's for all skin types and comes in six shades. There. Is. Nothing. Like. It.

Best Concealer
"Can you get me amazing concealer?" my girlfriend in London asks desperately, and I respond, "Well that depends. Which one do you think is amazing."


"You don't know Amazing Concealer? That is it's name. It's sold out here." By "here," she means England. And the saleslady at Sephora Third Avenue perpetuates the myth when she almost laughs in my face when I request it. We swear The Plaza basement beauty department is not paying us, but once again we must divulge that this unicorn of concealers IS available there, and now I know why it sells out of nations and cities. It provides more coverage than any other concealer on the market. It's over fifty dollars for a tiny tube, but the tiniest dot goes a long way so the tube lasts forever. . .the coverage is thick, but the consistency is strangely light and it does everything concealer was put on earth to do. Hide the black rings from the blackout nights in a forever young, amazing kind of way.

Best Eye Pencil

Chanel's Le Crayon Khol Intense Eye Pencil is dope enough for coming with its own sharpner. And it's loooo....oong and lasts and lasts. Imagine inky black coverage - we're talking almost liquid liner consistency, but with the precision of a pencil - and yes, even the inside rim of the eye with a color that will hold and hold and hold. . . 

Best Mascara: 

Youngblood Outrageous Lashes Mineral Lengthening Mascara and Lash Primer. Eyelashes are separated one by one. The wand grips each lash like nothing you have experienced. Pauline Youngblood created this line first for patients recovering from harsh medical procedures; today it is the premier mineral makeup line available. Cruelty-free, environmentally responsible, made from pigments of the earth, and totally GLOP free. It looks like you have fake lashes on - but the feel is glossy, light, and totally sexy. It's long-wearing, with zero flaking and absolutely smudge-proof. And it's almost always sold out. There is quite possibly nothing in the whole wide world more enticing than that which we cannot have, and this mascara is a smokeshow.

Best Eye Shadow
Nars Baby Girl shadow is a medley of cotton candy and golden undertones; it looks subtle but under the light it sparkles and opens the eye. It's perfect year round, day and night, and like all near-perfect products mentioned, looks stunning on any lid.

Best Glow

Hard to believe, but the last thing Laura Mercier's bronzing gel (aka tube of magic) does is make you look tan. It only comes in one color, which means it's perfect for every single human being on this planet - ambrosia for the face, baby. Take a small dollop after you have applied all your other makeup and apply like face cream. It goes on like air, blends evenly, and then just does something inexplicable that we can only describe as Air-brushing by Ibiza - your face is finished, flawless, with a subtle, sun-kissed glow which, although impossible to believe, is not even remotely greasy. Try it once and you will clamber to the ends of the earth for it going forward. It's an obsession.

Best Lip Color
Chantecaille's Bellini lip gloss is an oldie but a true goodie. The compact is gorgeous and allows you to discreetly dab at the table, and it glides on with a nourishing smoothness you could eat. It's not too pink, nor is it too orange - one of the few colors that looks beautiful on everyone.

Deadliest Scent

The Frederic Malle fragrances and body lotions are lined up on the first floor at Barney's, and while Rose is beautiful and feminine, there is something about Carnal Flower that just makes you swoon. It's a heady mix of Tuberose (no other fragrance features so much Tuberose absolute) with undercurrents of bergamot, jasmine, and white musk. The body lotion is arguably stronger so don't get talked into buying both. Sex isn't on fire; it's in a bottle. Spritz it. 

Best Facial in Thirty Seconds
La Mer's refining facial is for winter skin when it's flaky, dry in some spots and greasy in others, with that dull January-forever blah-ness no cream will brighten or fix. This is a scrub - again, a small dollop, rub all over face, and then simply rinse with water.

We love products that work immediately. It's annoying to have to wait 2-3 weeks for the trace of a hope that the fortune you spent was not in vain. This baby has real diamond dust particles so exfoliation, you can imagine, is taken VERY seriously. It brightens, smoothes, and lightens. We have no idea how; you know La Mer and their Fort Knox secret recipes - they humbly refer to the inception of their product as "the miracle" on their website, but we have to confess, it may be the only explanation.

Best Sexy Back Body Scrub

Let us begin by the sheer scent. . . one bath and your home will smell of lemon and sugar for the rest of the day. And your skin. . . moisturized, free of dead skin cells, exquisitely scented, and so silky smooth you will not be able to stroke it in wonder, Divinyls I Touch Myself style. A five minute scrub down in the shower and a day of bliss. We could pause here and easily go on and on about the rest of the products at Fresh, but we're editing today and only bringing you the best of the best. If you have the time (and the means), buy every single item in the store and revel.

Best Scented Lotion
Make sure you emphasize you want the lotion and not the cream. Yes, it's cheaper, and not as rich looking, and you'll think maybe we meant the cream. Nope. And make sure it's not Lola or Daisy or anything else Marc Jacobs after the original scent - the first one - simple bottle, black cap. Gardenia heaven drifting eternally (if you haven't tried the perfume, request a sample and then count the compliments. . .it's stunning and one of the few scents you'll find to be universally appealing. As for the lotion. . .it glides on and stays. The scent lingers for hours, and best of all - get ready - it shimmers. Enough so you sparkle, but also in a tastefully subtle manner. In a strapless dress, or even on the face, your skin catches every light and glows iridiscent. Like the mascara, it is ALWAYS sold out so stock up if you find it.

Best Bubble Bath

Fill your tub with Philosophy's Vanilla Birthday Cake after your makeup and beauty shopping day is over, and come out smelling like a birthday cake. Serve to someone you love.

The End

Cindy Barshop is a Real Housewife of New York AND Vajazzles

We know. We know. Cindy Barshop has been selected as the newest cast member on Bravo's hit reality show The Real Housewives of New York (We love you best, Alex)

Ramona told Us Weekly now everyone knows. Yawn style.

BUT. . .

Cindy with Jill and Alex

.  . .then it starts to get a wittle teeny bit more interesting. Cindy owns Completely Bare, a fantasy land of nudity and lasers. Well, that's if you're a guy. We ladies will attest to the ouch factor, but we're down with smooth legs. 

But then it gets even MORE interesting. . .

The fascinating Completely Bare website also offers a service called, um, Vajazzle. It's an extremely fun word to say. Say it again, but get your jazz hands out. Throw in some spirit fingers. VAJAZZLE. Bring it on style.

But what exactly is it? And what do we think of this style? To answer the first question, we'll defer to a video in which Jennifer Love Hewitt does it better than we ever could. As for our thoughts, we're not really into dictating style this Friday morning. You tell us.

Sold? Here's how you can do it yourself at home (really, you can google anything. It's amazing, but not as amazing as that clip). We're wondering which housewife will be first to vajazzle the network's name and go down in television history. Or. . .Simon? Would he dare? Would it still be called vajazzle? That would take some major. . .

Snookie, you got 'nothin. Encore, ovation, bravo style.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Free Gucci Bag Give Away Style

Gucci Ladies Web Large Hobo in black from the Fall 2009 collection. . . an instant classic and a perfect winter work tote.

Subscribe to VIPStyle today - we will pick a winner MONDAY JANUARY 17TH AT 5:00 P.M. EASTERN TIME. If you're in New York, you can tip toe over to our office near Bryant Park and pick it up yourself (and get featured on our blog!). If you live anywhere else in the country (or the world) we will make sure it gets to you, Fed Ex style.

All you need is a blog subscription and a dream. Gucci Ga Ga Style.

Introducing Z Files Style

"This article is silly," begins the first post on THE Z(aslow) FILES. The prompt? An article with the headline, "December increase seals strong hold for retail, but numbers disappoint investors."

Silly is a good word too many of us abandoned in the sandbox for nerdy corporate crap that makes no sense. Disarming simplicity is a deadly weapon, Warren Buffet style.

Bryan was surprised to receive so much buzz after appearing on Bloomberg television a few weeks ago - in case you missed it, below was our recap:

Flashback Style

Bryan Zaslow was on Bloomberg the other day to discuss retail trends with Gigi Stone and looks like a lot of people sat up and payed attention; the piece was picked up by The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Enquirer, and several other media feeds.

"There's a pulse," Bryan shares when Gigi asks him about how retail trends differ this year from last. "There was absolutely no pulse whatsoever last year. I think last year's hiring was stabilized by the luxury sector - the LVMH's, the Diors of the world - this year there's a broad based hiring. Everyone is looking to find talent. . . there's two real focus shifts we're seeing right now. . ."

Check out the clip above to hear his thoughts on the focus shifts and more.

What does the thirty-five year old CEO of a fashion recruiting company know that makes so many people sit up and pay attention? Bryan offers simply, "There is no one individual in this country who touches more industries in retail than I do." He's sitting in jeans in his office, his new chocolate lab puppy sleeping on the couch beside him. The phone is ringing off the hook. He's not kidding. It's time to broaden horizons and consider who has the real InsiderLens. What does he know that you don't? Time to find out.

Check out The Z Files. If you dig it, be sure to add it to your blog roll. We're not sure how often he's going to post. Or if he's going to add a subscription option. Or if he's even going to like blogging. He's never shared the knowledge he has with the general public before, and he hasn't blogged before, either.

The truth is out there, Mulder and Scully Style.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SalonTea's Tracy Stern on Winter Style

Winter Style
by SalonTea Creator Tracy Stern

Winter style for me is focusing more on warm thoughts than being cold and fashionable. But no matter what the temperature, killer lingerie is always a must. . .my favorites are Gaultier for La Perla, Sonia Rykiel, Agent Provocateur, and Kiki de Montparnasse.

Five Looks I'm Loving This Winter

Michael Kors fur vest and camel cable turtleneck
 Hermes black cardigan with black leather belt and loop
Black wool Max Mara coat, belted
Over-the-knee, suede, thigh-high wedge boots
White Prada ski jacket with fox collar
A SalonTea Tale
(by us, for those who have been missing out far too long)

Enjoy Life. Drink Tea. Celebrate Often.
 If Willy Wonka was a beautiful blonde who dug tea like he did chocolate, he might have nixed the factory idea for a modern twist on the French salon. Maybe bling it out with a little disco ball action and Phillipe Starck chairs. Ofcourse there would always be the freshest and most delectable of sweets, and the teas would be magical and hearken dreamy vocations like Writer, Musician, and Dancer. . . there would be tea bath and beauty products, tea de parfum, tea china, tea music, tea books, and tea candles. . .and since (sometimes) girls can do things better than boys, the tea empire would expand beyond the New York salon located at 501 E. 75th Street and stretch onwards, to Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Houston, and then across oceans to London, Dublin, Tokyo, Paris, Naples, Brussels, and Dubai. And his name couldn't be Willy Wonka, then, could it? It would have to suit a very stylish lady who dared to build her life on the foundation of a dream.

The rest is history. (There's more, but this is a tale, not War and Peace, and you should let Tracy tell you the rest when you visit her at the salon). And that's how a little girl who loved to collect teacups eventually grew up (but in that rare, forever young way) and went on to create a magical, multi-million dollar empire in which love and friendship would reign, and tea would beat at the core of its heart. 

Despite her success, you'll find Tracy Stern in her 75th Street salon more often than not, brewing and serving what she loves best. She looks up and smiles as the school next door lets out and the children pour in. . .a cup of tea brewed and served personally by Tracy is one of this city's most delightful experiences.

In the end, it's all a one act play. What you do for work - and play - is important. Put some spice in your winter chai style. . .

Ken Downing's Fashion Week, Neiman Marcus Style

Ken Downing, Neiman Marcus Fashion Director
We met Neiman Marcus Fashion Director Ken Downing at The Beatrice a couple years ago - we're almost nostalgic thinking of those blissful hours over on W. 12th, W. 4th (yes, this was before a certain mauvais garcon made bow ties out of poor Bea's curtains Scarlett O'Hara style). Tuesday digression style - back to Ken, who really does resemble the Mattel original - soft-spoken, elegant, and immaculate amidst. . . well, others who were not. He made a lasting impression.

Twelve days of Christmas stand aside, Ken is conducting his own Neiman Marcus Fashion Week (the first time ever) and we have to admit, his five days might just be the ultimate tailgate for our Spring style. NY Fashion Week may be around the corner, but while designers prepare to whet our appetites for Fall 2011, we still have two seasons to go and the looks we saw in September, let's be honest, are a distant memory.
We think Ken is a sensitive genius - sensitive to the fact that we want a refresher course immediately, and genius for understanding that online is easier and lighter than the brick houses magazine publishers send in March. We're not into drowning in our bathtubs style. We'd rather fly. Buckle up, January babies. Jet set in your snuggies style.

There's a Facebook Page, video (below), runway shows, and a tight schedule - Day 1 and 2 we're still in New York, then we jet off to Milan on Day 3 to peruse his carefully edited choices, Day 4 (deep breath) we're doing Paris and London, and rest is for the unfashionable; on Day 5 Ken reveals how it all comes together in the season's chicest trends and makes it all accessible on the Neiman Marcus website.

If you missed yesterday, you can still catch one more day in New York - Michael Kors starts at 11, followed by Carolina Herrera, Carmen Marc Valvo, Thakoon, Naeem Khan, J. Mendel, Vera Wang, and Donna Karan - and let's pray we're snowed in tomorrow morning.

We'd rather be in Milan than the office, and we're choosing Ken's Spring over Anna's winter. You might, too.

See for yourself style.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Jill Kargman Style

Introducing Guest InsiderStyle-er Jill Kargman
(Jill hates the word blog. We hate it, too. Nobody puts baby in a blog.)

by Jill Kargman

I always hated that song "Ooooooh, baby I love you way."

What WAY?!

I don't know, it just felt cheesisssssimi and bugged moi. But then every once in a whole you see a really stylish person - their general look, their makeup, the way they carry themselves, and (not to be so SoCal, but) they're VIBE. And you think, okay, I still hate that song but peeps can have a "way." Style is a way -- the sum greater than the parts of the clothes or the stature or the accessories. My new tattoos are so part of my style now and I feel like I let my inner goth-girl out of my jappy cage. And it's so much more fun! Style is whatever you want to exude that day, and while I'm not into style schizos (all black in NYC and then whale belts on the Vineyard) I totally get different moods dictate different getups. But above all, style is a string sense of self, even if that self evolves, and being the anti-lemming who has his or her very own, (with uniqueness being vastly more important than trends) WAY.

The End
(of the guest part)

Now it's us writing - hello it's me Todd Rundren style (we wonder if he makes Jill gag. We kinda dig him). And thanks for nothing, Jill, but some of us late-lunchers nearly choked on our Hot and Sours (Main Noodle House, after much deliberation, we deem particularly baller) at the whale belts on the Vineyard "style schizos."

"It's my first nonfiction memoir." - J. Kargman
 Yes, Jill is an Upper East Sider and even though Chanel's Arie Kopelman may be her father, she's the girl rocking the Goyard bag. . . with skulls. And Gawker gawk away she is the most ridiculously refreshing person you'll ever meet at a stuffy cocktail party. Jill's website is like a free ebook of awesomeness - yes, "shizzle I worship" and "other crap I dig" are categories she takes very seriously - Nine Inch Nails and pearls can co-exist.

Mikimoto f*ck you like an animal style.

Can we add that she had us at "beeyootchy socialite?" Seriously, get lost in it. The bio alone - "Jill Kargman is a writer based in New York City who is deathly afraid of clowns" will kill you.

Don't be fooled, though - the levity is grounded by an insider whose intelligence, wit, and razor-sharp lens for the nonsensical establish her as a modern day Voltaire, Candide style. Her novels have been national bestsellers and published in eight different languages, and now, right in time for Valentine's Day you can pre-order her next gem - (it's already #12 on Amazon, and Oprah's Nate Berkus states, "I promise this book will make you laugh out loud.")

Jill Kargman's first non-fiction memoir in essay form

Why Valentine's? The cover is ruby red and. . . well, some chocolates have nuts. But seriously, what's love if not laughter, and if you can put down anything Kargman has ever written after reading the first sentence (even if you're the type who needs to pop an Adderall to get through an episode of Entourage) you will be transfixed. She might be the only writer we think makes TV seem kinda boring.

Subscribe to JBCStyle's VIPStyle today (upper left corner) if you're too lazy to hit Barnes and Noble for a little pre-order style right now - we just ordered a few copies to give away to subscribers - winners will be announced the first week of February. Make sure to check out our Kargman favorites:

xoxo 92nd Street Y. . .

Harder to spot than the devils in Prada and far more nefarious. . .

Because really, WHO isn't???
 Thank you, Jill Kargman, for your eloquent definition of style, and for continuing to keep us entertained - and enlightened - all these years.

Bring your cerebrum to the bathtub and the beach, style.

Oliver attends Ashley's Birthday

Happy birthday, Ashley - thank you for making our New York office. . . well, run. From handwriting everyone's name in glitter on Christmas stockings to the mountains of nebulous paperwork we all fear but you fearlessly plough through, we all love and appreciate everything that you do each day.

Dogs in the office is an American tradition. Oliver was feeling patriotic on his mother's birthday. We should all be with our dogs on our birthdays.

Mandatory style.