Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Most Popular Youtube Video Of All Time Reveals Social Media's Ultimate Secret

We don't know whether to laugh or cry. Wanna know what the most popular youtube video of all time was (before a couple Justin Bieber videos took first and second place, but he's already got a Vanity Fair cover - further coverage on our blog would be too much glory for one child to handle) and still remains in almost every Top Most Watched Youtube Videos of all Time list?

Charlie Bit My Finger Again.

In May 2007 an English father took a video of his one year old son, Charlie, biting the finger of his three year old, Harry. He uploaded the video to show to the boys' godfather. It has received over two million hits since then. Before you watch, think of all the time, effort, and money your company utilizes in marketing themselves and / or their product. The video below will either send you into a major depression, or free your mind and elate your very being. Watch and see style. . .

Why why why why? And since this video (and a million fan clubs, t-shirts, and talk show appearances, etc.) later, the Davies-Carr family is famous and rich.

If you're depressed, we're right there with you. . . a little. This video on biting should also serve as a reminder before we get too frantic with our marketing, advertising, and networking budgets that at the end of the day, we are targeting the eyeballs and attention of other human beings, and perhaps we need not look forward, but rather back, as in the philosophers of the 16th and 17th centuries. English philosopher Thomas Hobbes wrote:

"The privilege of absurdity; to which no living creature is subject except man only." 

Maybe it's time to lose the job and the blog and focus on our youtube channels. . .but in a sickeningly enlightening way, it does start to make sense. We've given you a lot of inside scoop on this blog about celebrities, media, fashion, and how to bring style into your lifestyle. But one of the most popular posts remains the post we featured with Ashley in a cage. Granted, Ashley was sitting in a cage because she was taking the stickers off some chew toys as we prepared for chocolate lab puppy Rylee's arrival, but the picture went mad viral. (Here's Ashley at her desk, by the way, before you think we endorse female abuse at JBCStyle)

Or take the overwhelming obsession people seem to have with this shitzu asking for his "Mama."

Okay, that may strike some of us as a little more genius than it does absurd, but it's still absurd that the shitzu gets more hits than a presidential speech. It's kinda fun to know that the secret of social media is to embrace your absurdity. Diesal's Be Stupid campaign may have had it right all along. . .

Bite me style.

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