Monday, November 29, 2010

JBCStyle: Justin Bieber Bling Style

We're not sure if it's the Jimmy Dean credo I am here for a great time, not a long time, or designs that target Gen X, Y and Z just right, but men's accessories brand Chandon Lucién (gloves, weekend bags, small leather goods, men's jewelry and scarves) may have tapped into that  rarified je ne sais quoi that translates into retail gold.

Ecommerce? Natch. Mouse click replacing the 'ol swiple style.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

JBCStyle: Checking in on our Doggies Style

What's more stylish than checking in with the JBCStyle dogs and seeing what's up? Melissa's little baby girl is real. . . even though she's so cute and well-dressed she looks like she could easily be on a shelf at FAO Schwartz.

Daisy Dot

Friday, November 19, 2010

JBCStyle: Lindsey Belle Style

Photographer Lindsey Belle caught our eye as we were checking out the Hunter Dixon ecommerce site. . . who took the amazing pictures for their campaigns? Sometimes a cold email sent through the hallowed halls of cyber space can work wonders. . . we googled Lindsey Belle, checked out her website, and sent her an email telling her we thought her photographs were dope.

LINDSEYBELLE from Lindseybelle on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

JBCStyle: Bryan's Bloomberg Broad Based Style

Bryan Zaslow was on Bloomberg the other day to discuss retail trends with Gigi Stone and looks like a lot of people sat up and payed attention; the piece was picked up by The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Enquirer, and several other media feeds.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

JBCStyle: Dorrian's 50th Anniversary

You that would judge me. . . come to this hallowed place where my friends' portraits hang and look thereon. . .think where man's glory most begins and ends and say my glory was I had such friends.
-William Butler Yeats

Upper East Side institution Dorrian's Red Hand is celebrating its 50-year Anniversary, and festivities begin tonight with famed karaoke night and continue through the week. It's almost impossible to track Jimmy Dorrian, who admits, "Phones have been ringing off the hook. It's overwhelming." And here it goes again, you think - another obsequious homage to the Preppy Pantheon where ribbon-belts, Republicans, and Nantucket Reds reign. Where the Trinity and Dartmouth grads and the Buckley-cum-Deerfield boys go to consecrate, well. . . themselves (and hit on blondes drowning in a potpourri of Lilly Pulitzer and pearls). Or, perhaps, a desecration of an institution because an E! True Hollywood Story sniffed out a scandal in an island where nothing bad has ever happened anywhere else, like, ever

You think you know, but you don't know. Come again style.

JBCStyle: Delman Style

You can tell more about a woman by the shoes she wears than by reading her palm.
-Herman Delman, 1945

What do Audrey Hepburn, Blake Lively, Marilyn Monroe, and Ann Hathaway have in common? Mary Robertson, Director of Publicity for Delman shoes, gave JBCStyle the scoop, and a tour of their beautiful office. Click here to peruse FIT's Scandal Sandals and Lady Slippers, an homage to the footwear label of choice of style icons through the decades. . .

Audrey Hepburn

JBCStyle: Blonde Ambition Beads Style

Samantha Wenig
Samantha Wenig is blonde and smurfette has style and ambition. The beads started as so many great style stories do - when the designer's motivation is simply to create something they want to wear. Sam wanted to rock a pile of bracelets with charms - peace signs, stars, all that girly good stuff we all secretly love - and the response was overwhelming: "People were literally buying them off my wrist," Samantha recalls.

Blonde Ambition was born.

Today the beads are sold in stores all over the country, and designs change seasonally - "I also take custom orders," the designer adds. "People love to personalize their charms. It brings a sentimentality to the bracelets. Other fun orders I have filled have included custom orders for camp and bunk presents, Bat Mitzvah party favors and Sweet Sixteen gifts."

They are fabulous in sets of 3 ($40) or individually ($15 each) and obviously we have the hook up style. . . subscribe today to win a set of the ultra chic Blonde Ambition beads - three black, beaded bracelets with the sweetest gold charms:

Enter your email address in the VIP Style box to the right

We're announcing a winner tomorrow morning at noon - if you're in New York, you can walk over to the office and say hi. (We do mail, too)

They’ve been spotted on Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, the Kardashian Sisters (Khloe, Kimberly, and Kourtney), J-Wow and Snookie from the deliciously addictive Jersey Shore, and many more….

Follow Samantha on twitter at SBrookeW720 or connect on the Blonde Ambition Beads facebook fan page for all the latest updates. For party favors, gifts, or a custom order just for yourself,  you can email Samantha directly at

Or subscribe to VIP Style and wait and see - who knows, we may have a surprise for you in your inbox tomorrow morning!

Blondes always have more fun style. . .

JBCStyle: The Influencers Style

Check out this trailer, written and directed by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson - and tell us who influences you?

Intrigued? Watch the full documentary here - it's fourteen minutes, and it's just a gorgeous snapshot of New York city. . .in the way only a New Yorker could love this city.

It all begins here style.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

JBCStyle: Pomega5 Power at Henri Bendel Style

Pomega5 creator and founder Tzeira Sofer has the front center counter at Henri Bendel, and she's manning her own counter there for one more day tomorrow before returning to California. It is the FIRST line of pure, biodynamic skincare to feed and nourish the body and the skin from the outside in. Okay, that line is from their website, but we went and checked out these little golden capsules - Tzeira has them open in a massive jar on the counter - and two days later we are convinced she is giving away free gold. One capsule on dry, cracked cuticles and they are butter soft and healed in 12 hours. On the lips, under our eyes, cracked soles. . . the line is pure magic. The science of this amazing oil has been captured, harnessed, and absorbs readily into skin (you can use it over makeup - seriously) and there is no greasy residue.

One of the most powerful antioxidants known to modern science, in a jar, at Henri Bendel. Set your alarm clocks style.

On Friday JBCStyle invited 35 of our VIP clients to Henri Bendel to meet Tzeira and receive a complimentary skincare regimen. Tzeira had guests captivated as she spoke of the line and how it was developed

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

JBCStyle: Gigi Stone Bling Bling Style

New Yorkers all love a little pre-noon Emily Smith style. A cup of coffee, InsiderStyle, and the New York Post. . . .morning break heaven. What's new today?

The girls at Page Six always have a finger on the pulse. But since we're InsiderStyle, we're gonna throw in a picture of the gorgeous (and freakin' COOL) couple. We love Ian's dry sense of humor, mean ping pong game, and killer down-to-earth style.

Our favorite new couple at Gigi's birthday party 

As for Gigi? That slightly creepy old man in the 1958 film Gigi which her mother named her after said it best:

Thank heavens we still live in a world which celebrates love on the lake style.

Monday, November 8, 2010

JBCStyle: Paper Magazine Style

The sky is all moody blues this morning, but let's begin the week with a little Monday Funday, shall we? Paper Magazine's Editor at Large Peter Davis took a lighter approach when he sat down to chat with Bryan about running a fashion recruiting company. You can always depend on Peter for some cheeky, clever style, and Bryan was absolutely down with his request: "Tell me about the freak show applicants." (That's really what we all want to hear, anyways. What could possibly be more awful on a Monday than hearing about someone better than you?)

JBCStyle's Fashion Job Faux Pas Files   
By Peter Davis

Saturday, November 6, 2010

JBCStyle: Pierre Cardin, 60 Years of Innovation Style

Prosper and Martine Assouline celebrated Pierre Cardin and the United States launch of his book Pierre Cardin, 60 Years of Innovation at the Assouline atelier at The Plaza with a cocktail reception and book signing.

JBCStyle's Dabney Mercer with Prosper Assouline
Born in 1922 in San Biagio di Callalta (near Venice) Pierre Cardin immigrated to Paris in 1924. After working briefly with Elsa Schiaparelli, Cardin joined Dior in 1946 and opened his own couture house in 1950. He was a pioneer from the start, creating a design-based, architectural fashion with a futurist sensibility. The book is a tribute to the extraordinarily innovative and iconoclastic designer, taking a primarily visual perspective highlighting his contributions to the world of couture, fashion, and perfume, reflecting his spirit and energy as well as the brand's international presence.

Assouline was packed, the lights were hot, and we could barely breathe, but wait we did because this kind of opportunity comes around very rarely. We were honored to have our book signed, and Pierre Cardin left us with the most stylish impression of all. . .In a world where so many who have accomplished so little (we won't name names but comment away we're into first amendment style) manage to act so snooty, here is a man - a living legend in his own right  - who took the time not only to sign every book, but to personalize each signature with a special message  and a thoughtful quote. He shook Harold Moscowitz's paw and told him he has seven dogs. He smiled. He was gracious. We're more in awe than ever before.

It's always the ones who have done so much who have so little to prove.

We're over the pretentious peeps in this town. Let's get real.

Pierre Cardin Style.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

JBCStyle: Blog Traffic Pioneer Style

Eyeballs are the currency of the new world.
Dean, Columbia Journalism School & Digital Media Professor

We've been about honesty style from day one. Let's get real - whether you are an individual, a company, or an empire, you create a blog because you want traffic. Motivation can vary across the board - monetary, advertising a new product, self-obsession - the list is endless but there is always a reason. Otherwise we'd all just keep a diary or a journal seventh grade style and call it a day. And if Dean Sreenivasan, named 20 Most Influential South Asians by Newsweek and 25 Media People to Follow on Twitter by AdAge (in short, if Cyber Space is Mount Olympus, this man is Zeus) is spending his days - and career - thinking about it, we're thinking about it, too.

We didn't create InsiderStyle to tell you about fashion trends - there are a million sites that do it daily, and some, (grudgingly, we admit) occasionally seem to do it better than us. And some (gleefully, we admit) are pompous, annoying, sanctimonius, and need to get a virus and go away.

We created InsiderStyle because we are committed to creating an honest space in cyber space where we give you cool information about cool people who do cool things better than most people. This afternoon we have Justin Tupper of Peak Performance Swing (the most successful golf site in the country) and John Reese (dubbed the Marketing Pioneer of the Internet - he made over a million dollars in under eighteen hours - google him, we're not kidding) coming in to chat. We're going to take notes. And then we're going share some of the tips they share TO VIP SUBSCRIBERS only. (Yes, we want more subscribers, and this is a ridiculously valuable bribe).

Just enter your email address in the VIP box to the left - and then you have to click on the link that shows up in your email and enter those annoying letters and numbers that require fighter pilot vision to see. We hate that, too, but c'est la vie, dude.

Straight talk, from InsiderStyle.

Blog traffic is the epitome of stylish. We'd take 100,000 hits over Louboutins any day.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

JBCStyle: WWD Style

Since 1910, Womens Wear Daily has represented absolute excellence in the world of insider fashion reporting. It's the trade paper of the garment industry and the first thing on our desks in the morning. Quirky, serious, funny, and always ten seconds ahead of even the best jack rabbits in this industry for a full century, InsiderStyle salutes our favorite moments on the red carpet at Cipriani's 42nd Street Bash last night. We know it's all over cyber space today, but for those of you who have come to know us and our style, there are certain moments we seek and celebrate more than others. . .

Fashion is, first and foremost, about joy and love style:

Tommy and Dee Hilfiger

Evelyn and Leonard Lauder

Vera Wang and Ralph Lauren

To the greats who continue to live greatly, red carpets and cameras will never dictate where they walk or who they look at. . .there were a 1000 pictures to go through from last night's events, and these were the three that touched us most.

True Naturals Style.

Monday, November 1, 2010

JBCStyle: J.McLaughlin Opens at Westport

It's back to the future style and we're taking you to New York's Upper East Side. The year is 1977 and brothers Jay and Kevin McLaughlin have just opened what will be the first in a series of stores all over the country - right next to NYC institution for "burgers and bloodies," J.G. Melon. An American empire is born. . .

J.McLaughlin style.

In celebration of the brand new J.McLaughlin Westport store which opened its doors today, JBCStyle was excited to speak with Jay McLaughlin for an exclusive InsiderStyle feature.

Kevin and Jay McLaughlin
"Our family has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. In 1977 my brother and I decided to collaborate on a project and we opened our first store next to J.G. Melon. We basically built it ourselves and decided to create a label that would be known for classic clothes, but with a twist. We're never pretentious or stuffy. My brother Kevin is the design force behind the company and I tend to oversee the merchandising, operations and new store construction."

John, Julie, Joan, Jay and Kevin McLaughlin at Lexington Avenue store opening
Steven Siegler, Jay McLaughlin and Quest Magazine founder Chris Meigher
In one of the toughest retail climates in history, Jay must be doing something right. As stores shut down and vacant windows rest idly, J.McLaughlin stores seem to be exploding. A new store in Brooklyn Heights: "They grew up in Brooklyn. They like to set up shops in neighborhoods as opposed to malls and large shopping centers. Community is very important to the brothers," shares J.McLaughlin's Jack Lynch.

"I would describe our look as classic, but with a twist. An undercurrent of humor. Take a look at our courduroy pants. If you look at the waistband you will note that it's lined in a silk; these little details make something special. We study what everybody is doing and we have enough restraint to tone it down; we know our customers well and they in turn feel comfortable and trust us as merchants. The product has to stimulate us."

As we enter into holiday shopping season, we can't help but agree. A skull and bones tie, socks or belts featuring cocktails make for perfect, whimsical gifts.

Who can forget the sensation these babies created? Refinery29's editor wore this preppy bad boy at the Jelly Pool concert series. No time to get to a J.McLaughlin store? Buy them now at their E-Commerce site!

Talk about sense of humor style. . .

"The Westport store which opens today is a new prototype for us," Jay continues. "A normal JMcLaughlin store is about 1200 square feet. This is 5,500 and we are committed to providing the best shopping experience possible. It will be what Henri Bendels was fifteen years ago: the shop of shops."

Let's take a peek:

"For example," Jay elaborates, "The Equestrian area for women will feature the jodphur pants and quilted jackets. The French garden room will feature holiday looks including our famous ribbon skirts and dresses as well as the short, taffeta skirts. Instead of being bunched together in baskets near the counter, our accessories will finally have their own section. There will be an urban area. People usually think of us as all color and prints; our urban section will feature more greys and blacks. I particularly like the wallpaper featuring reproductions of silk scarves. I find that very unusual. The store gives us the opportunity to differentiate our brand."

"The increased space will also allow us to have a larger emphasis on our men's line. And we believe our customers will appreciate that the resort section will be a permanent fixture - they can always pop in before a vacation for anything they need. If you're in Manhattan, though, go straight to the Lexington Avenue store. It's indicative of everything new and special at J.McLaughlin."

Will do, Jay - we enjoyed New York Shopping Diary's piece on the 72nd and Lexington neighborhood favorite. But we're kinda partial to the Palm Beach store!

JBCStyle's Creative Director Anisha Lakhani loves the label because, "There are always surprises to be found at the store. I like that the line features staple pieces, but there will always be a top or a dress in an unusual print. One of my favorite resort pieces is a J.McLaughlin tunic that I wear as a dress. It has a vintage print and I've worn it for years."

Jay is partial to the ribbon skirt because "I enjoy the three dimensional aspect to it. It's very labor intensive to create; it involves joining actual ribbons together. It looks great on any woman - especially with a classic, crisp white shirt."

"And the silk scarf tops have been a top seller. They just fly off the shelves."

Jay certainly has his hands full these days, and we can't wait to make a little road trip to see the store ourselves. As for down time - in the rare moments when Jay is free - how does he like to relax? Music? Books?

"You'll have to ask my son John about music," Jay laughs. "He's the expert. When I have a free moment, I like to read a book by Lee Child. I really enjoy his writing. Or, believe it or not, browse through some fashion publications to see what everyone else is doing these days."

So he can do it better?

Why not? It has always been the American style.

JBCStyle: Goose Gossage Yankee Style

Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2008, Yankee legend Goose Gossage still rocks the legendary moustache and towers over everyone when he walks into a room. We loved Adam Sternbergh's New York Magazine piece:

"Let’s not praise Goose Gossage for his 100-mph fastball, his awesome (and still flourishing) horseshoe mustache, or the fact that last week, in his ninth year of eligibility, he was finally elected to baseball’s Hall of Fame, the only player to be inducted this year. To a non–baseball fan, his enshrinement might be puzzling: The primary statistical measurement of a relief pitcher’s effectiveness is the save, and currently Gossage, with 310, sits seventeenth on the all-time list, behind such non–future Hall of Famers as Robb Nen and Jose Mesa. No, let us praise Gossage, instead, because he represents something that was once singular and beautiful in baseball, something that has been lost in our steroids, weightlifting, A-Rod–the–Golden Adonis era. As a kid in the seventies, what I loved about baseball was its circus-comes-to-town diversity. Unlike football or basketball, which essentially required an unrelatable physical freakishness (in terms of height, width, or both), baseball teams boasted all shapes and sorts, from fat slobs like Terry Forster to slap-hitting whippets like shortstop Tony Fernandez. The Milwaukee Brewers’ spooky Cy Young winner in 1982, Pete Vuckovich, looked like he should be living in a cabin in the woods, plotting serial murder. And the Goose—well, not only did he pioneer the now-popular figure of the relief pitcher as bolt-hurling badass (you can thank and/or blame him for every time some slender sapling trots out from the bullpen to “Hell’s Bells”) but he did it while looking more or less like someone’s beer-drinking uncle, if your uncle happened to hunt moose and ride with the Bandidos motorcycle gang." 
Adam Sternbergh, New York Magazine

"It's hard to explain what the feeling is like when you first put that Yankee uniform on. The New York pinstripes, it's all there. There is not another place like Yankee stadium." -Goose Gossage, Baseball Digest 1979

Bryan Zaslow is in Los Angeles this week (party at the office style. . .) so we just thought we'd send the 'ol boss man a little note, East coast style.

Brownie points style.