Wednesday, November 3, 2010

JBCStyle: WWD Style

Since 1910, Womens Wear Daily has represented absolute excellence in the world of insider fashion reporting. It's the trade paper of the garment industry and the first thing on our desks in the morning. Quirky, serious, funny, and always ten seconds ahead of even the best jack rabbits in this industry for a full century, InsiderStyle salutes our favorite moments on the red carpet at Cipriani's 42nd Street Bash last night. We know it's all over cyber space today, but for those of you who have come to know us and our style, there are certain moments we seek and celebrate more than others. . .

Fashion is, first and foremost, about joy and love style:

Tommy and Dee Hilfiger

Evelyn and Leonard Lauder

Vera Wang and Ralph Lauren

To the greats who continue to live greatly, red carpets and cameras will never dictate where they walk or who they look at. . .there were a 1000 pictures to go through from last night's events, and these were the three that touched us most.

True Naturals Style.

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