Thursday, November 4, 2010

JBCStyle: Blog Traffic Pioneer Style

Eyeballs are the currency of the new world.
Dean, Columbia Journalism School & Digital Media Professor

We've been about honesty style from day one. Let's get real - whether you are an individual, a company, or an empire, you create a blog because you want traffic. Motivation can vary across the board - monetary, advertising a new product, self-obsession - the list is endless but there is always a reason. Otherwise we'd all just keep a diary or a journal seventh grade style and call it a day. And if Dean Sreenivasan, named 20 Most Influential South Asians by Newsweek and 25 Media People to Follow on Twitter by AdAge (in short, if Cyber Space is Mount Olympus, this man is Zeus) is spending his days - and career - thinking about it, we're thinking about it, too.

We didn't create InsiderStyle to tell you about fashion trends - there are a million sites that do it daily, and some, (grudgingly, we admit) occasionally seem to do it better than us. And some (gleefully, we admit) are pompous, annoying, sanctimonius, and need to get a virus and go away.

We created InsiderStyle because we are committed to creating an honest space in cyber space where we give you cool information about cool people who do cool things better than most people. This afternoon we have Justin Tupper of Peak Performance Swing (the most successful golf site in the country) and John Reese (dubbed the Marketing Pioneer of the Internet - he made over a million dollars in under eighteen hours - google him, we're not kidding) coming in to chat. We're going to take notes. And then we're going share some of the tips they share TO VIP SUBSCRIBERS only. (Yes, we want more subscribers, and this is a ridiculously valuable bribe).

Just enter your email address in the VIP box to the left - and then you have to click on the link that shows up in your email and enter those annoying letters and numbers that require fighter pilot vision to see. We hate that, too, but c'est la vie, dude.

Straight talk, from InsiderStyle.

Blog traffic is the epitome of stylish. We'd take 100,000 hits over Louboutins any day.


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