Friday, January 28, 2011

Peter Davis Style

Introducing Guest InsiderStyle Contributor Peter Davis

by Peter Davis

Welcoming Peter Davis, Avenue Magazine's new Editor-in-Chief

I find style pretty easy to define - you're either born with it, or you are not. It can't be taught or bought. Living in New York, I see a 

zillion and one "style makers" at every party, and I usually find about 3% of these people have actual innate chicness. Borrowing a dress and hogging the step and repeat does not make you stylish. Whereas wearing clothes that you make your own - whether it's your elementary school sweatshirt or a Marchesa dress - is truly cool. It's funny that I am answering this now as I just became Editor-in-Chief of Avenue Magazine and I am compiling a seriously selective list of New York's most stylish women (sorry gays and guys). 

Some people are obvious choices and other bold face girls should never have their name and the word style uttered in the same sentence. Look for it in our March issue. Each issue will also be posted on our new site, AvenueInsider - you can register here for our daily newsletter.

Well-coiffed heads will roll! 

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