Friday, January 28, 2011

JBCStyle: Our Team Welcomes the New Army. . .We're Ready For Fashion Week

The nice people at Best Buy took this picture of us after they were done filming our Business to Business campaign story  and we thought what better day to share this baby than today. . .

Bryan Zaslow has gone all Alexander the Great style in the fashion recruiting world. We're getting company wide emails from him every five minutes. . . new recruits, new hires, and new departments budding from coast to coast. It may be January, but it's spring at the New York office and it's blossoming style.

To our new colleagues, here we are lined up William Wallace style sayin' hi and welcome.

Fashion week is coming and we're not going to be unprepared. It's TEMP TIME. . . if you need them, we're ready. We're faster. More affordable. And more reliable. . . because we don't send anyone to you until we get to know them first.

Quite simply, JBCStyle. Oh, and our website has a brand new outfit, and we're going to slip it on soon. Surprise you when you're not looking style.

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