Friday, January 28, 2011

Scribd Style

Cyber Space can be a little like Dylan's Candy Bar. . . you wander in to see what's new and exciting, nearly pass out from what can only be described as a candy rave, get overwhelmed, and walk out with twizzlers. Still using your computer for email style?

Everyone's got a site and a service, and the really profitable, amazing ones all seem to have sprung from the fountainhead of some pre-teen, pimple-faced genius who realized very early on that all you really need is Wi-Fi and a dream. Not bitter at all, just sayin' style. . .

So you may have heard of Scribd, the YouTube of the written word, and you may have even checked it out once or twice. Time to revisit. It's Johannes Gutenberg on speed - the absolute democratization of the written word and a platform perhaps a little more elevated than, er, a blog (no offense to us style) to publish anything. With over 60 million readers monthly and a Scribd store you can sell your writing, we can already hear Simon and Schuster sighing. But maybe not. . . Matt Schwartz, VP and Director of Digital Marketing and Strategy at Random House Publishing Group actually LOVES it and says,
"Scribd is where the future of publishing meets the digital age, where publishers can see real-time social media results from book marketing."

You can create an account in virtually seconds, and if you're not much of a writer, it's also just a dope place to kill time and read things other people wrote. . . like browsing at Barnes and Noble on a Sunday afternoon, but with the ability to embed and share the works you like instantaneously. Here's a magazine we enjoyed this morning. . .

And as long as we were checking it out, we thought we'd do a little uploading of our own. Follow us and we'll follow you and let's navigate some of the cool stuff we have available at the tip of our fingertips, but never take advantage of - InsiderStyle Technology Field Trip Style.

Still holding on to your CDs and more about the page than the screen style? Don't fear - dare we say it, Scribd is powerful, but it's also. . . kinda cute. Their  Scribd 101 is clear, simple, and absolutely brilliant. We are profound believers in simplicity - clear, friendly direction is the footprint of genius.

Spend this weekend publishing that book of poems you've had in you. . . the novel. . . and if you're a graphic artist, or a stylist, why not publish your portfolio? Facebook is a pretty cover, Scribd is head of the class.

A+ style.

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