Friday, December 3, 2010

JBCStyle: Waffles Style

Once in a blue moon an individual comes along rocking such amazing style that we can only stare, mouths agape, and wonder, "How?"

We're gonna tell you how he does it. . . and it has nothing to do with hairspray.

Waffles. . . no air-brushing
Each strand reflects a new way Waffles has discovered how to stalk JBCStyle. Seriously.

If you haven't signed up for VIPStyle, enter your email address today. When you consider all the silly style sites floating around in cyber space, you don't want to miss the one url that just lands it. Ice-man style. Follow us on Facebook, keep up on all the fashion and retail job listings we update all day long on Twitter, get your links on at LinkedIn, register your information and resume on our site, digg it, stumble upon it, click all those little icons - just go social media banana cakes on us and watch your hair start to rise. . .

Waffles Style.

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