Saturday, November 6, 2010

JBCStyle: Pierre Cardin, 60 Years of Innovation Style

Prosper and Martine Assouline celebrated Pierre Cardin and the United States launch of his book Pierre Cardin, 60 Years of Innovation at the Assouline atelier at The Plaza with a cocktail reception and book signing.

JBCStyle's Dabney Mercer with Prosper Assouline
Born in 1922 in San Biagio di Callalta (near Venice) Pierre Cardin immigrated to Paris in 1924. After working briefly with Elsa Schiaparelli, Cardin joined Dior in 1946 and opened his own couture house in 1950. He was a pioneer from the start, creating a design-based, architectural fashion with a futurist sensibility. The book is a tribute to the extraordinarily innovative and iconoclastic designer, taking a primarily visual perspective highlighting his contributions to the world of couture, fashion, and perfume, reflecting his spirit and energy as well as the brand's international presence.

Assouline was packed, the lights were hot, and we could barely breathe, but wait we did because this kind of opportunity comes around very rarely. We were honored to have our book signed, and Pierre Cardin left us with the most stylish impression of all. . .In a world where so many who have accomplished so little (we won't name names but comment away we're into first amendment style) manage to act so snooty, here is a man - a living legend in his own right  - who took the time not only to sign every book, but to personalize each signature with a special message  and a thoughtful quote. He shook Harold Moscowitz's paw and told him he has seven dogs. He smiled. He was gracious. We're more in awe than ever before.

It's always the ones who have done so much who have so little to prove.

We're over the pretentious peeps in this town. Let's get real.

Pierre Cardin Style.


  1. Yor post seem to mirror my sentiments. There are those who get by on talent, innovation who desperately struggle to fullfill their duties and realize their dreams. And then there are those who just sleeo with the right people. Pierre Cardin seems to belong to the former group.

  2. Sometimes people can act snooty based on their last names. For instance I think people with the last name Kennedy have a certain air about them.