Saturday, January 15, 2011

Don't Let Facebook Go Mao Zedong - Fight Back Style

Facebook's team has either gone George Orwell 1984 Big Brother is Watching style or is taking some serious lessons from 'ol Chairman Mao, because these "upgrades" are not upgrades at all. An upgrade should be an improvement, or a change which benefits the user. Facebook's definition? We're doing it, you'll like it, now shut up. InsiderStyle refuses to accept. We do NOT like the little bar on the top of our heads with profile pictures. Only this guy does:

For the rest of us, we also do NOT like the fact that every time we do something - accept a friend, or write on someone's wall, there's a scorch trail left for everyone to see unless we physically go back and remove it.

We do NOT like the rapid, stealthy little changes which increasingly give people we do NOT want having access to our lives. . . well, having access to our lives.

We LIKE Facebook for many reasons. We use Facebook as a resource tool - if you're looking for a job in the Fashion and Retail industry, for example, our page lists the latest positions.

We believe that users should be given options and privacy settings should be made easier. If the Facebook team is running a site with all the gadgets and uses it provides, you KNOW they could make the privacy settings easier. It's done on PURPOSE so making a change is so frustrating and long-winded that most of us just give up and accept.

Being passive on this front is not stylish.
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InsiderStyle was really impressed with the Gawker post (we know, it's like when the class brat one day says something amazing and intelligent and everyone stares, mouths agape, just, well, gawking) by Ryan Tate:

Thank you very much, Mr. Tate. Some of the annoying aspects of Facebook (poke and die) may be around for a long time yet. . .

Ha ha style
. . .but since we're in the business of finding you jobs, this weekend take an hour of your time to read the Gawker post above (it's excellent) and at the very least, contol your privacy settings. Sometimes we forget that when we accept a friend, we have granted them access to all our pictures and our information. It's important to check in and browse your Facebook "friends." Defriending can be aggressive, but you can update your privacy settings to make sure the people you do not want seeing your pictures, your wall posts, videos, etc. don't. When Facebook takes that option away, we will deactivate. For now, the most stylish tip we have for you this weekend is to manage your Facebook style. In a Google-happy world, your online image can be as important as your resume when seeking a job in certain industries.

Control your face style.

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  1. If you don't know how to deal with your privacy settings, don't use facebook.