Thursday, January 13, 2011

Introducing Z Files Style

"This article is silly," begins the first post on THE Z(aslow) FILES. The prompt? An article with the headline, "December increase seals strong hold for retail, but numbers disappoint investors."

Silly is a good word too many of us abandoned in the sandbox for nerdy corporate crap that makes no sense. Disarming simplicity is a deadly weapon, Warren Buffet style.

Bryan was surprised to receive so much buzz after appearing on Bloomberg television a few weeks ago - in case you missed it, below was our recap:

Flashback Style

Bryan Zaslow was on Bloomberg the other day to discuss retail trends with Gigi Stone and looks like a lot of people sat up and payed attention; the piece was picked up by The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Enquirer, and several other media feeds.

"There's a pulse," Bryan shares when Gigi asks him about how retail trends differ this year from last. "There was absolutely no pulse whatsoever last year. I think last year's hiring was stabilized by the luxury sector - the LVMH's, the Diors of the world - this year there's a broad based hiring. Everyone is looking to find talent. . . there's two real focus shifts we're seeing right now. . ."

Check out the clip above to hear his thoughts on the focus shifts and more.

What does the thirty-five year old CEO of a fashion recruiting company know that makes so many people sit up and pay attention? Bryan offers simply, "There is no one individual in this country who touches more industries in retail than I do." He's sitting in jeans in his office, his new chocolate lab puppy sleeping on the couch beside him. The phone is ringing off the hook. He's not kidding. It's time to broaden horizons and consider who has the real InsiderLens. What does he know that you don't? Time to find out.

Check out The Z Files. If you dig it, be sure to add it to your blog roll. We're not sure how often he's going to post. Or if he's going to add a subscription option. Or if he's even going to like blogging. He's never shared the knowledge he has with the general public before, and he hasn't blogged before, either.

The truth is out there, Mulder and Scully Style.

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