Sunday, January 23, 2011

FoxNews Geraldo At Large and Lighting it Up Style

There isn't anybody who hasn't seen Geraldo Rivera on TV at some point in their lives. Sensationalism style?? Try being fired from ABC for criticizing the network for allegedly putting the kibosh on his JFK totes had an affair with Marilyn special report. Or debuting his eponymous talk show with Maria Hanson, the slash-faced model (jilted lovers are dangerous style). Men in Lace Panties and Women Who Love Them created a stir, but then so did the day Geraldo broke his nose on national television when a fight broke out between racist skinheads and a black activist.

You think it's impossible, but there's always someone who hasn't seen this. . . Jerry Springer, stand aside for the Maestro of Mayhem style.

From having a plastic surgeon suck the fat from his butt and transfer it to his forehead, to exposing himself even further in his biography aptly titled, er, Exposing Myself ,which we can only describe as the real Cruel Intentions of the media journalism world, say what you will, Geraldo has been doing something right. He's been at it since 1973 and has received over 170 journalism awards including the George Foster Peabody Award, and three national and seven local Emmy awards.

I'm so much a part of the popular culture now. I'm a punch line every night on one of the late-night shows.... I'm used as a generic almost in all the editorials and commentaries and certainly all the books about whether the news media has gone too far. It's just that, what is a review going to do to me? They either like me or don't like me, but I'm always interesting to watch.
Geraldo Rivera, The Seattle Times

Currently the host of Geraldo at Large on FoxNews, we tuned in after a long time and we have to admit, it's just fun to watch. This is not It's-10:00p.m.-Do-You-Know-Where-Your-Children-Are news. Nope, Geraldo is the "fun uncle" anchor gleefully asking the mayor of Seaside Heights if he would like to invite Snookie for supper. . .she is, after all, the author of a New York Times bestseller and procured the MTV network its highest ratings. . .ever.

Apocalypse Now. . .

Transitioning from Snookie to a Prime Minister? Seamless when the Prime Minister purportedly has a proclivity for Italian Snookies. . . and that's when even the most skeptical of us can't deny a wit, an intelligence, and above all an uncanny eye for the absurd which continue to make him (and his team) just a little more fun to watch than anyone else. These aren't deer-caught-in-the-headlights reporters reading from some lame teleprompter; and they're not afraid to push a few limits. . .and dare we say it, laugh? At the news? At humanity? We're not sure, but we're quite certain they're in on the joke.

Craig Rivera, Geraldo Rivera, Kimberly Guilfoyle

The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's latest actions may make Clinton blush and the paparazzi go Mama Mia and Papa Pia in all out excitement. . .

. . .but Guilfoyle's suggestion that someone needs to hold the biscotti suddenly makes this kind of news rival Letterman, Leno, and Stewart.

Okay, so if the network were a sundae let's just say we know it wouldn't be called Democrat's Delight (with extra fudge) - but it's not called Geraldo at Large for nothing. It's biting. It's brazen. And at times unexpectedly brilliant.

Network cowboy in a tie style.

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