Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pamella Roland Fall 2011 Grandeur Style

Pamella DeVos of Pamella Roland
Never mind Pamella DeVos' Sharon Stone Basic Instinct style looks, or that plays a major role in every facet of her business, from creation to final edits, hiring staff, managing sales, as well as public relations and marketing efforts. Never mind that her Fall 2011 collection cast a Grace Kelly spell over Lincoln Center today, or that each look she sent down the runway was breathtaking in its femininity, and immaculate in its construction. That's usually enough to wow us style; the juxtaposition of exquisite, ladylike silhouettes sauntering casually to beats reminiscent of an Ibiza rave would just be the icing. Never mind that you can catch the whole show here and see for yourself style, or that the ABPR girls - and Alison Brod in particular as the last "man" standing when the lights went dark - orchestrated a seamless show.

No, none of those hold a candle to her finale.

We've grown so used to applauding for the designer after a show's end, then awaiting the casual wave, the shy nod, the now-you-see-me-now-you-don't-aw-shucks move that has become de rigeur. Mais non style. The collection was indeed breathtaking - oriental luxe meeting big city glamour and sophistication - but that ending - on Saint Valentine's Day - uplifted, inspired, and reminded everyone in the room that to show a stunning collection on stage during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is indeed a dream realized. And for those who limit their definition of love to merely the romantic, Pamella Roland ventured fearlessly (and rightfully) where so few go, and in those emotional moments reminded us all of a love which transcends fashion, the stage, and perhaps anything we will see all week. See for yourself style. . .

Cassandra, Sydney, Nicholas. First love style.

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