Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Marks and Frantz Style

 Guest InsiderStyle Contributor(s) Lydia Marks and Lisa Frantz
(Sex and the City, The Devil Wears Prada, and more!)

by Lydia Marks and Lisa Frantz

Lydia Marks and Lisa Frantz. . . in a recognizable kitchen!

Style is about expressing yourself with beauty, personality, and then to mix bold and subtle, modern and traditional - building your dream to make it become reality. It's bring the personal to what you wear and to your environment. For me, style is about living well and appreciating the design in the every day that surrounds you. It's having vision and confidence. 
-Lydia Marks

Visit www.marksandfrantz.com and check out their fun blog!

My idea of style....  it's who and what you are. It's taking something that you're passionate about and making a big splash. It's going out of your comfort zone and feeling really good about it. It's using a bright splash of yellow in your wardrobe or decor when your normal world is a 360 degree view of Helmet Lang black.  Style is about pushing boundaries and exploring limits. It's about my five year old, Beatrice,  walking confidently to kindergarten in an orange tutu, ladybug rain boots, a Guns N Roses tee and feeling really proud!
-Lisa Frantz

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