Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bryan's Tuleste Visit, Sisters On Top Style

What better time for Bryan Zaslow to visit Tuleste Market designers Celeste and Satu - quite possibly the nicest sister duo in the world - than the day their new shoe collection gets picked up by Fashion Week Daily? After the fashion world is done reading InsiderStyle (obviously), who doesn't take a peek at The Daily? The girls' RIDICULOUSLY hot shoe collection - um, that's right, so hot even pink and pretty Daily came close to (gasp!) cursing - will be on THE runway this Friday, Lincoln Center style. Collaborating with Ruffian, all models will be wearing Tuleste Market's sexy shoe line. . . we're so excited we don't even mind that the show is 9:00 a.m. crack of dawn style. . .

Celeste's fish Diego has a chic home, Frank Lloyd Wright style

Early bird and the worm and all that good stuff style. . .

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