Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Style Etoile Style

The crew at the Style Etoile launch was glamorous, and Fashion Week will be hard pressed to live up to their gift bag. . .

Tinsley Mortimer (in gorgeous Jill Stuart) and Brian Mazza

StyleEtoile Co-Founder Cristina
. . .but you know us, we don't beat around the bush. What in the world is StyleEtoile? Sisters - um, mon dieu! Tuleste Market! DANNIJO! StyleEtoile! Sister Sister style! - and founders of Style Etoile, Natalie and Cristina Albina, spent most of their younger years around their very stylish and chic grandmother who infiltrated their minds with wonders of French designers, late 20's fashion and catwalks. They came up with the idea of an innovative website which provides women with the option of shopping by look, not just items. The site also offers the option of bringing in items you may already have trouble styling. We've started to check it out, and we already love the sisters for upholding the mantra:

Fashion fades. . .only style remains

"We want our customers to look and feel good," declared Christina. "Even if you don't purchase something, you are still walking away with knowledge."

StyleEtoile us style. . .

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