Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Paris Hilton's Lavo Rising Birthday Style

If a life and death situation kept you from attending, give us two minutes and it will feel like you did. . .

Paris Hilton arrived at Lavo for her 30th birthday blowout, arms linked with new flame (and rumored potential hubby in the making according to CNN) Cy Waits.

Posed for photogs in a black, sequined Mark Bouwer dress. . .

Here's where it gets weird (depends on your definition style) - the cake got hijacked and the thief posted his, er, theft on Facebook here.

Prior to that, TMZ erroneously reported that Paris received a yellow Lexus from her boyfriend. . .

Silly TMZ, it was just a funny joke. Who would want yellow? Trickster style. He actually got her a white one, and Paris was so happy she could not stop making out with Cy. . . right up until she went live with Dave Letterman.

Paris' Lavo was sizzlin' style.

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