Tuesday, September 28, 2010

JBCStyle Adam Lippes Rocks Style

Yesterday we told you We Got Wall, but today it's all about Adam Lippes' heart. If you don't know the hottie behind the uber chic Meatpacking District store, you can read his bio here. (We pause. Yes, he really did all that and is still the coolest and most down-to-earth dude).

It was so simple. Adam just wanted everyone to know that he loves dogs.

So he invited the dogs to his store.

Kids love dogs, so kids came, too. Adam liked that a lot.

ASPCA dogs who didn't have a home could come and wait in the hopes that someone would adopt them. Adam helped make the introductions, and also donated proceeds from the day to the ASPCA.

Dogs ruled the store. They could do anything they wanted.

If we were Eve, we would definitely give this Adam an apple and an A+ for being awesome. Word.

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  1. WONDERFUL!!! Shared it on my wall.. I adore dogs and all animals. Bravo, Adam!!!