Tuesday, September 28, 2010

JBCStyle: Most Eligible Men in Fashion Style

Refinery29 really poured some sugar on us this morning. Their Fashion's Most Eligible Bachelors piece by Kristian Laliberte, Willow Lindley, and Connie Wang has us all fired up. We're not playing favorites, but we do happen to have a lot of girls in this office and while all 25 men are smoking, these two are very sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet.

Peruse the gallery - number 17 might be our next choice. . .and good golly miss molly can you please take a moment and appreciate number 2? And why are the lyrics to Def Leppard's song so good? That's two questions we're throwing your way. 

We know they're difficult, but we've moved into Deep Thoughts Style. Rainy Tuesday Procrastination Style. Comment away.


  1. ummm this is Louis Sarmiento, where is your office?! haha ;-)

  2. Hi Louis Sarmiento. . . our office is 108 W. 39th Street just steps away from Bryant Park!