Thursday, September 30, 2010

JBCStyle: Immortelle Style

Imagine a flower which never loses its hue. It will never fade, even when picked. By its Latin name Helichrysum it is "the golden sun," for the Corsicans it is simply a magical flower. For thousands of years the plant has been known in the Mediterranean regions for it's healing properties.

Now imagine its essence, captured in a bottle, and applied to the face.  An elixir of youth, perhaps the fountain itself. . .

We were skeptics. There are so many skincare treatments out there and everyone seems to have found the next anti-aging secret waiting merrily for you behind the confines of a $1000 dollar jar. The idea of two dollar cold creams purchased at a drug store has long vanished.

Drowned at the bottom of a pond. (We'll wait. That was funny.)

But a visit to our neighborhood L'OCCITANE store, and a trial run left us just a little speechless. The effect is instantaneous. Immediate brightening of the skin. Radiance. It is a divine cream. And if you purchase it today L'OCCITANE is giving away a gorgeous Divine Vanity Set. Everyone thinks it's gauche to share prices, but we're all about let's get real style.

It's under one hundred dollars.

There's a Corsican ray of sunlight for your wallet and your skin. Vivre le Mediterranean, and vivre a skincare line still true to its 1976 Provence beginnings. So while the heavens pour and the sky casts gloom today, take fifteen minutes on your lunch hour and kick it L'OCCITANE style. Their staff is always super friendly, and they are just waiting to apply all kinds of free magic to your skin.

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