Thursday, August 19, 2010

JBCStyle: KiptonART Style

JBCStyle VP Jen Kirschner recently visited KiptonART's pop-up “Access” space at 75 Wall Street to view the group exhibition, “My Secret Garden”. A complete catalog of the works featured can be accessed here.

The collection plants a floral and foliage essence inside the modern granite 2,200 square foot ground floor retail space. Curated off the innate need to find serenity in the midst of working daily life, here is a place where visitors can relax and escape the heat, noise and other distractions existing outside the walls of this “garden.” Understandably, such serenity was hardly expected on opening night...

Jen Kirshner visits KiptonART's pop up space at 75 Wall Street

Outside, Kipton films a segment about the exhibition
Not many strangers know of this colorful jewel-box existing in the concrete jungle of the Financial District. Painterly and photographic works by artists Julie Combal, James Freedman, William T. Hillman, Richard Horowitz, Ina Jang, Suzy Kim, Simone Lourenco, Kimberly Love, Daniel Seth Pagel, Dan Schwartz, Erica Simone, Matthew Tusciuk, Bobbi Van and Antoinette Wysocki invoke beauty and softness with abstract and literal interpretations of a garden setting. The exhibition opens to the public on August 5th and will be on display through September 12th at KiptonART’s pop-up gallery at 75 Wall Street (at Water Street) developed by the Hakimian Organization in partnership with Peykar Brothers Realty and Gorjian Properties, with furniture provided by Andrew Martin. It's worth checking out.

Today, Kipton headed uptown to visit the JBCStyle office, located just steps away from Bryant Park in the heart of New York's Fashion District. There's something kinda neat about watching two young entrepreneurs, clad in blue jeans, doing what they love and talking synergy in the middle of the work week. 

JBCStyle CEO Bryan Zaslow and KiptonART Founder Kipton Cronkite (with Harold and Rylee)

Art. . .

and Fashion. .. .
Imagine the possibilities.

Check out some of our favorite people in this silent film shot at KiptonART's last event at Saks - Tracy Stern, Dabney Mercer, Antonia Thompson, Melanie Berliet, Nina Freudenberger, Amy Smilovic (we love TIBI!), Liz Walker, and a hysterical laughing fit featuring our Creative Director Anisha Lakhani with Chessy Wilson and Sarah Basile - we particularly enjoy Chessy reminding Anisha that clapping is futile in a silent film (you can read her lips). Anisha was just being creative. . .

Take a moment this afternoon and browse KiptonArt - how stylish to be able to say, "Today, I bought a piece of art."

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