Tuesday, August 3, 2010

JBCStyle: Meet Nikki Belinkie

Nikki Belinkie is the newest member of the freelance team at JBCStyle. She grew up in Maryland and graduated from Walt Whitman High School before pursuing her BA in political science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a member of the freelance team at JBCStyle New York, she is responsible for placing people in temporary positions of all levels of areas including design, illustration, technical design, graphic design and production. If you are looking for a freelance position in the fashion industry, take a moment to register with Nikki at http://nikkibelinkie.jbcstyle.com/ and let her be your freelance fairy godmother.

Nikki thinks it's also of the utmost importance that you know about her predilection for gossip magazines, online shopping, and breakfast food. She worships her beloved Wisconsin Badgers and loves dogs. We all just really love her name and can't say it enough. It's mad stylish.


  1. I hear she likes NYPOST and Pop-Tarts

  2. meant NY DAILY NEWS