Wednesday, August 11, 2010

JBCStyle: Mike Machanic Action Style

If you were to equate JBCStyle to an Upscale NYC Steak Restaurant, then for the last three years, Mike Machanic would be the House Special Sloppy Joe on the menu. At first glance you might question the chef’s decision making, but then you’d notice that JBC’s Sloppy Joe is made from 100% Kobe Beef along with a decadent Truffle sauce and somehow it all just comes together in perfect harmony.

Mike in Australia
Mike’s previous life had him manning a high end retained search desk that catered to the fashion industry, but his true passion was always the action sports world. He joined JBCStyle to launch our Active Lifestyle Division and has been an integral part of its tremendous growth. He oversees many brands that cater to the fast paced and ever-changing action sports, athletic, outdoor and active lifestyle business. With clients all over the US, Europe and Canada, JBCStyle and Mike have a strong hold on the sporting world.

Present day, JBCActive (as Mike calls it on their twitter page) has clients from Maine to Florida, Southern California to Portland, and from Italy to the Rockies. Mike was featured in Transworld’s Pay to Play, and would love to connect with anyone on LinkedIn and/or Twitter - @JBCActive. If you are interested in a job in the Action Sport, Outdoor or Athletic industries, create a profile.

Mike Machanic
Director of Active Lifestyle Recruitment
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  1. Fraser Island, OZ. Dingos everywhere....and Sharks