Thursday, August 12, 2010

JBCStyle: Never Outta Style

Mid-afternoon sugar crash - the coca-cola we had at lunch has worn off, and we're in the mood for some fashion comfort food. The Louis Vuitton logo. . . the mac n' cheese of fashion, can be pimped out. The Mon Monogram service has been around since 2008, but sometimes we're so obsessed with writing about the new big thing - the next new trend - that the oldies but goodies tend to slip by the wayside. As promised, we only write about what we love, and a racing stripe down our luggage is making us feel quite happy indeed.

Customers can visualise exactly how their bag will look via an in-store computer simulation. Once their choice has been made their order is then sent directly to one of the Louis Vuitton workshops where their personalized, unique monogram bag is created and hand assembled. The fabrication of the Mon Monogram can take from six to eight weeks. Mon Monogram personalization is currently offered in over100 Louis Vuitton flagship stores worldwide.
-Louis Vuitton
"That does not say H.M. Mama don't put me in Nikki's bag!"

Shana rocks it!
We think it's pretty Funky Cold Medina. We dig it.

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