Wednesday, August 11, 2010

JBCStyle: Town & Country Style

Loving this month's issue. . .

Kudos to Stephen Drucker, Editor-in-Chief as of April 2010, for an issue bursting with color and articles which both moved and inspired.  Monsieur Ralph was a favorite - and how fitting that our favorite piece was written by former Editor in Chief, the indomitable Pamela Fiori. You had us right from the opening:

...Last April in Paris, Ralph was feted by the French in a manner not seen since President Charles de Gaulle hosted President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy - she clad in Givenchy - almost a half century ago... (article on page 72 of August issue)

And Heather Bracher Stever's The House That Yurman Built is beautifully produced - a New York based five-story townhouse gem on Madison and 63rd to commemorate Yurman's 30th anniversary? Yes, please! We loved the shots of old and new pieces merged into a page that breathes his legacy. 

To Ralph, to David, to all the men and women who stand proud and reflect on a legacy built, on a dream realized, JBCStyle salutes you. Thank you, Town and Country - what a fabulous issue. 

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