Tuesday, September 14, 2010

JBCStyle: Fashion's Night Out

We're going to start this one New York Style, and news anchor Jane Pauley captured us best when she declared: "New Yorkers by reputation are fast talking, assertive and easily annoyed; I fit right in." So do we, Jane. We've spent the weekend and a good part of Monday reading "The Best Of FNO" lists which have been popping up all over the internet. Blending is boring.

Expressing annoyance can be cathartic.

Let's start with the clip below. These kinds of promos meant to teach us why it was important to create an urban situation which would make the journey from Soho to midtown a 45 minute affair did get a little annoying. Nobody is this chipper. We recognize the value of the night. But we also recognize that the "Stop" button on Taxi TV is like a trick candle which was secretly designed to disrespect our passenger bill of rights.  Silence is not always an option, no matter how many times you jab that red button. We'd like to request a clip of that monsoon in India, please.

If you tell us the sight of the font below doesn't invoke some level of a panic attack we're not buying it. The first 500 invitations were cute. We tried to save them. Make lists. Check out "FNO Not To Be Missed Lists." But when our gmail boxes announced we were at 95% capacity and if we wanted more room we needed to purchase it, the delete button became our friend. There were too many invites. It was too close to Fashion Week - right on top of its head, actually. And there were too many amazing events - which meant too many people worked too hard to put together extravaganzas that needed to be spaced out. It was like the cereal aisle and people were walking up and down the sidewalks with deer-caught-in-headlights expressions. Don't get us wrong - as the leading fashion recruiting house we had every intention of making the most of the night. But we also think there's style in honesty, and the honest truth is that the week and the night may need to be revisited and separated from one another. By Friday's end, many of us felt like it was the end of Fashion Week itself, and the Saturday morning shows at Lincoln Center were an extension of a night that never quite ended.

Then the bloggers started blogging and the photographers started posting and a pervading Well hell why didn't I know to go THERE cloud set over our island.

So below are some snaps of what we saw. We heard Alexander Wang had a dope party and we wanted to make it to Kirna Zabete and Rebecca Taylor and a host of other places all night, but it appears it was also Cabs Night In. Conspiracy style. . .

Bryan Adams was very Everything-I-Do-I-Do-It-For You at Calvin Klein. You know it's true. . .

OMG Spotted: Blair Waldorf at Chloe. . .

Serena Williams chatting it up with David Yurman at the Yurman boutique on Madison. . .

Nicole Miller walking it from her brilliantly timed show (5 p.m. on Friday - pre-FNO) to her after party with Cassie. There's something very cool and casual and New York about Nicole. The "less is more" elegance Browning coined and she personifies.

Selita was feeling the Saks Shoe Salon - you know, the one so big it has its own zip code?

Anna gave Carolina a hug at the designer's eponymous boutique uptown. Say what you will, but when she's there and you're there and it's FNO, you experience momentary peace in a frenzied night. The ephemeral rush you feel when you finally find Waldo after staring at a page for over thirty minutes. The Oprah a-ha!

Then poof! Anna is gone, but it's Carrie Bradshaw at Bergdorf's and it just doesn't get more Sex in the City or Bergdorf Blonde than Sarah Jessica Parker.

We may have lingered too long at good 'ol BG, but there was a very important fashion show occurring, and while the judges were hot. . .

The four-legged models were hotter. Even the most jaded New Yorker had to melt a little at the sight of Bella on Tinsley's lap, or designer duo Badgley Mishka proudly escorting their well-dressed little friends.

Okay, Linda Fargo and Patrick McMullan kissing. . . a little random, but let's just be very European about it because we are sure they were showing affection in a very European way.

Victoria Beckham impressed us with her warmth and graciousness.  It couldn't have been more posh. . .

And nobody was having more fun than Nicole Richie!

But if we had to, and we're loathe to do it because it was impossible to greet all our friends and clients - the night's destinations are often dictated by proximity or length of line - we think Naomi Campbell's dance on Madison Avenue right outside the Dolce & Gabbana store was pretty smashing.

But then again, as pinch-myself-Naomi-is-not-dancing-in-fishnets-in-front-of-me as that was, the quintessentially cool New York party was at Don Hill's - Pop Magazine's editor-in-chief Dasha Zhukova celebrated with a performance by Iggy Pop, and when the guest list includes Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani, Nicky Hilton, Leigh Lezark, Chloe Sevigny and New York party boys Nur and Paul get up on the bar to get down, we stopped stressing about getting all over town. . .

. . .Maybe the best way to do it is old school style - picking one party and enjoying the night in a t-shirt and jeans. The stores open again in the morning.

Calm is the height of fashion, and chill will always be next season's "must have accessory." Whether you're in, or you're out.

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