Monday, September 13, 2010

JBCStyle: Goblins & other Nasties Style

To call Venezuelan native and Parsons educated David Foote an artist would not be incorrect, but to get the full picture we're just going to direct you to his website. He's not even 30 yet, and as prolific as we can be, sometimes the list of accomplishments is so exhaustive (and yes, breathtaking and inspiring) that all we can say is check it out. Watch the videos he produced. The candle line. The skateboards. The products. The paintings. You can get a little lost there. . . it's a bit of a renaissance.

But let's focus - this week we're most excited about his book launch at the historic Rizzoli Bookstore TOMORROW. If you have kids, have friends who have kids, or were ever a kid yourself, we cannot imagine a more devilishly fun purchase. And David will be on location signing books - what's more dope than an autographed copy of the most delightfully dark children's book to be published?

We think any title which includes the words "and other Nasties" is the epitome of style. It might be Fashion Week (stay tuned for our in depth coverage) but you know how it goes in the fashion world. We're already over September - it's all about Halloween and goblins and fairies and dwarves and fairies (only the modern ones) and, well, other nasties.

Join us tomorrow!

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