Monday, September 13, 2010

JBCStyle: Smile Style

Here's to CEOs with untucked shirts and designers who laugh and book massages on the eve of their fashion show.

You'll get our JBCStyle coverage of the Tibi show this week - it's tomorrow night at the new Lincoln Center location - and we have no doubt Amy Smilovic is going to kill it as usual. There's a synergy between the music and the clothes that she and her team manage to hit every time. Just like the porridge in Goldilocks that was just. . .right.

It's Monday and we're in the heart of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - there have already been indignant shrieks over who was seated where at Lincon Center this weekend - what would life be without the "front row or bust" divas -  Naomi Campbell did her dance on Madison Avenue Friday night, we've already hit up Nicole Miller, Rebecca Taylor, Cynthia Rowley, Adam, Minnie Mortimer, Parkchoonmoo, Thuy, and more. . .but the invites keep rolling in and events all seem to come in packages of three this year. Manhattan is the pre and after party capital of the world. Some of us spent the per capita income of a small country in yellow cab fare and there's so much coverage on Fashion's Night Out online that even cyber space is over it.

But the picture of Bryan Zaslow and Amy Smilovic just kinda relaxes us. People who know that a smile is your best accessory and that sometimes it's cool to just sit down are stylish.

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