Thursday, October 14, 2010

JBCStyle: Cyber vs. Print, Observing Pope Style

Why are we impressed with a man who puts out a pink paper every Wednesday in this town? Okay, our team is largely female, but this has nothing to do with Steel Magnolias style. We dig that we're going to say what we're about to say (great writing style) on a BLOG, but The New York Observer's Editor Kyle Pope might just be the last great warrior of print. We hope he accepts our cyber crown. (And yeah, there's a great website to go along with the paper and it rocks a few dope blogs, but out of respect we're not linking to it in the first paragraph. Buy the paper first, or find it on your own style).

We're talking about a paper which still features an illustration on every cover, and pages so deliciously chock full of old school, New York say-it-like-it-is reporting that anyone who is anyone (when will we tire of saying that. . . um, never) knows that The Observer enjoys one of the most educated audiences. And the wealthiest. Don't ask us for numbers or empirical data. We're all about InsiderStyle.

Just trust.

Publisher Jared Kushner with Editor Kyle Pope

How does the Prince of Print approach our social-media obsessed world? Some of us want blog traffic more than we want the over-the-knee Christian Louboutins. Sell our soul for a million hits, Dorian Gray style. Pope's thoughts on this blog-o-rama frenzy? Media Beat reports. . .

Their salaries aren't based on their traffic. It's purely a bonus system. So they're getting paid whatever they're getting paid no matter what their web traffic is doing. What we say is that we've got a bonus pool of extra free money. -Kyle Pope

. . .says the man who just replaced the tagline "New York's Weekly Newspaper" beneath the masthead with "Money, Power and the City." Bring it on.

We're saluting the pink today (no snarky it's salmon from Observer peeps, please). We're also saluting a man with over fifteen years experience working for some of the most esteemed media organizations - The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Conde Nast Portfolio - and still believes in great journalism. Still continues to seek, to question, to research, and then to write - check out his recent piece, Museum-Quality Journalism? The Observer's Editor Weighs in on 'The Last Newspaper.' It's simple. It's straightforward.

It's excellent.

He might be a lone ranger, but we can't help but be inspired by Kyle's pen is mightier than cyber space style.

The Pope is in New York City style.

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