Thursday, October 7, 2010

JBCStyle: Fashion and Music Style

It's hardly a new concept that fashion and music have always had a chocolate and peanut butter thing. Their Reeses love affair is springing up everywhere these days, but the new spin is that the fashion houses and designers are presenting them. A runway show is over in a breathtaking heartbeat. But a music video can be viewed repeatedly, emailed, twittered, take a viral flight through cyber space. . . with the click of a mouse.  How much does a full page ad in a print magazine cost again?

People are getting smart.

Here's Alexander Wang's Fall 2010 video - his website opens right to it and there's something about the beat and the sensual movement of body and fabric that makes you just want to wear his clothes tonight. Now.

Here's a peak at Proenza Schouler boyz Jack and Lazaro speaking frankly about the power of film and video in specific relation to Act da Fool, a film on their collection, directed by Harmony Korine.

And here is Proenza Schouler's short film Act da Fool, directed by Harmony Korine.

As for Dolce and Gabbana? Well Stefano and Domenico have opened their own production company called Dolce and Gabbana Motion Pictures, and if you don't know about their very own youtube channel, check it out. They are about to take over the world - their website makes this very clear. As if getting Naomi Campbell to take to the streets of Manhattan on Fashion's Night Out wasn't enough. . .

We're not surprised - leave it to the Italians to take it to a whole new level, Renaissance style.

Macbook air replacing print style.

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