Friday, October 15, 2010

JBCStyle: Happy Birthday Gigi Stone Style

Happy Birthday to television correspondent and anchor Gigi Stone, currently working for Bloomberg TV. Before joining Bloomberg she was at ABC News as the New York correspondent for Good Morning America, World News with Charles Gibson, and Nightline.

Why we love her style? She's a New York girl, speaks three languages, graduated from Columbia University's School of Journalism (where she won the John M. Patterson Prize for Best Television documentary) volunteered in the Peace Corps in South America, and graduated from the Outward Bound training school.

And still manages to rock a Valentino frock by night. . .
Junior Spring Benefit for Lincoln Center Institute at Private Park at Hudson, sponsored by Valentino
"My mother named me after Gigi, one of her favorite films," she shares. If you haven't seen the film, we suggest you rent it this weekend. It's stylish from beginning to end.

Doing it all with grace and elegance, Gigi style.

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