Thursday, October 7, 2010

JBCStyle: Swatch Style

Like, OK. Liketotally80s is a website some of us secretly love. Like, check this list. Some of us totally don't find it funny because some of us read it and go it's history, not comedy, you know? So the website reminds us of totally tubular ways of being.  Like unless you were a complete loser, you had at least two or three Swatch watches when growing up in the 80s. If you were really cool, you had a dozen or more and you wore two or three at the same time.


Anyways, when we heard there was a party at the Gansevoort to celebrate the bigger, more toned down New Gent collection by Swatch, it was totally a no duh situation. Someone from our office was like saying how she was so over them and we were like right about to say like honestly? What's your damage? Right?

The old school ones seem grody to the max compared to the new collection. We feel like anyone who is anyone should have, like, a lot of them. How rad did Fabulous, Patricia Higgins, and Chris Brown look?

We're not going to lie like it was a little weird to see Blair's MOM there like okay maybe in like not TV time but real time the 80s was her generation or whatever, but it was just totally confusing for some of us who take these things seriously, you know?

We like totally want one in every color, Debbie Gibson style.

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  1. You guys meant Serena"s Mom right?