Monday, January 10, 2011

JBCStyle: Koch Brothers Go From Bilbo to Oak; No 'Mo Cajun Chicken

Ask someone for something to munch at the Oak Room weekend brunch and they'll look at you like you're out to lunch. And don't ask these boys for any cajun chicken - their Bilbo days are over (the chicken, blessedly, is still there). Don't let the blonde hair, baby blue straight-from-Sweet-Valley-High fool you, either, because the twins have gone straight up Ibiza style and it's Koch madness at. . . um, Eloise's hotel. We wonder what Nanny has to say about that.

This was a clever post on Guest of a Guest that made us laugh, but anyone who still thinks a picture speaks a thousand words hasn't taken a video of the chandelier swinging, champagne spraying debauchery going down at the Oak - we might safely go as far as to say it may even make the good boys at 1OAK blush.

The Oak Room may have opened in 1907 as a men's only bar (F. Scott Fitzgerald and the like would mosey in for a gimlet or two), but there was no sign of Gatsby or his green light this weekend. Let's just say there was enough heat in there to have cracked both West and East Egg. Daisy Buchanan would have died on the spot.

The Benjamins, however, were rolling. As were the magnums and the sparklers and all that good stuff that sprang from that little song the brothers loved so that gave birth to the new phenomenon known as the deadly NYC BRUNCH - Bagatelle stand aside. See for yourself style.

Okay, it's a little deliciously naughty to go absolutely Euro-trance wild one room away from where you and granny used to have tea while the Palm Court harpist did her thing, and a shot of vodka does sometimes go down easier than a petit four, and it was a little trippy that a trip to the loo required a jaunt through the well-lit, basement mall, but we took a friendly poll on the style factor and here's what we got:

"It's better than any club I have ever been to - globally. The girls are hot and the scene is madness."

"I think it's a shame that one of the city's iconic landmarks is being desecrated."

"The Oak Room? Please. When you graduate from kindergarten, try the brunch at LAVO."

Whatever your take, one thing is certain - French toast, waffles, and Aunt Jemima are so 2010.

Blackout by 4 p.m. style. . .?

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