Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ZFiles: JBCStyle CEO Bryan Zaslow on John Galliano, Straight Talk Style

The toast of discerning sites like and all things Vogue and WWD just went from being dubbed "provocative and brilliant" to plain burnt toast in my eyes. The stench nauseates.  As for the scheduled show this coming weekend? Talk about Sunday, bloody Sunday.

As the Founder and CEO of JBCStyle, the leading fashion and retail recruitment agency with offices flanking both coasts, there is virtually no aspect of fashion I do not touch. I love what I do. I respect the people who work with me. And above all, I pride myself in being fair-minded and open to the opinions of others. I was shocked by John Galliano's display of anti-semitism, but I make a practice - not only in the JBCStyle office, but also at home with my family - of being level-headed and not jumping to conclusions. I could sympathize briefly as industry heavy-hitters fumbled and tried to make excuses for such behavior. I waited for a retraction, or an admission, or even the slightest display of remorse on the designer's part for a gross misunderstanding. And waited. 

Galliano's recent overtures are too late. If he was joking, or being merely "provocative" in The Sun's exclusive video, it's a humor and a provocation I neither care to understand, nor have patience to decipher. By comparison, Natalie Portman's immediate and public reaction was a beacon. Grey is lovely on a cashmere sweater, or a pair of slacks; not on morality. 

I find fence-sitters unstylish. Read more>>

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