Wednesday, August 4, 2010

JBCStyle: White House Style

Dogs have always had a home in the First Office of our nation. . .from Washington to Obama.

Traphes Bryant was the White House kennel keeper during Kennedy's presidency. He remembers the tension in the office during the Cuban missile crisis and recounts:

I was there in Jack Kennedy's office that day. Everything was in an uproar. I was then a few feet from Kennedy's desk as Pierre Salinger ran around the office taking messages and issuing orders while the President sat looking awfully worried. There was talk about the Russian fleet coming in and our fleet blocking them off.  It looked like war. Out of the blue, Kennedy suddenly called for Charlie to be brought to his office...after petting his Welsh terrier, the president relaxed returned Charlie, and said, 'I suppose it's time to make some decisions.'

Click here for a full history of America's First Dogs - George Washington had 30 (seriously), Lincoln had Fido, Harding's Laddie Boy attended cabinet meetings...the list is endless and we're a big fan of The Canine Bark blog for sharing their history. We're even bigger fans of the JBCStyle New York dogs: Pax Zaslow, Oliver Kahn, and Harold Moscowitz.

Harold Moscowitz with Creative & Social Director Anisha Lakhani

Pax Zaslow, son of CEO Bryan Zaslow

Baby Oliver Kahn with Freelance Recruiter Nikki Belinkie

JBCStyle believes that dogs are an American tradition, like baseball and the 4th of July. When your dog is with you, there's no reason to leave work. Which is why come 5:00 p.m. our offices are still jam packed. Oliver is still a puppy, but Pax and Harold are both 11 and quite excited about sixth grade and their impending bar mitzvahs next year.

All three dogs vehemently believe that the essence of style is wearing your birthday suit to work every day. They're big fans of recession chic and think that the office is actually camp.

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