Monday, August 30, 2010

JBCStyle: Yumi Kim Style

Dream on, dream on, dream until your dreams come true. 

You know the dream. Girl graduates school, moves to New York City to become a fashion designer, and is suddenly beloved by socialites, celebrities, and all the pretty young things. Just like that. San Diego State University graduate Yumi Kim moved to New York, created eponymous line, and is living proof that the dream exists. It's alive and well. We love these success stories because they inspire the hopefuls to take that leap of faith, and remind the jaded, or even the very established, that the next wunderkind to compete with a de la Renta or a Herrera might be a 20-something year old designing dresses for a doll collection. And then maybe a First Lady's inaugural ball gown. You never know.

A blog post dated September 26, 2008:

I can't believe this is really happening. I have a store in New York City! OMG! It hasn't hit me yet! I keep pinching myself and saying- "Is this for reals? We actually made it happen?!" It's been a crazy roller coaster ride the past few weeks.  I can't believe I actually made it happen!  I have so many people to thank.  I owe my staff and friends BIG time for being there for me.  Thank you so much for staying all those late nights and working those long days.  You guys seriously are the best! I can't thank all of you enough for helping making my dream come true! I am truly blessed to have such an amazing team and friends! I LOVE you guys!

Camila Alves

Tinsley Mortimer

Dabney Mercer

Lauren Conrad

Paris Hilton

Nicky Hilton
Congratulations, Yumi - two years later and we could keep posting the pictures, but it's a blog, after all, and you know how it is with blogs. So we're just ending because we feel like we should so our readers don't develop scroll rage, but many of us have been rocking your rompers all summer long, and can't wait to see what you have in store for Fall. . . your store manager told us exclusively that you design all the clothes on yourself - perhaps that's why there's that invisible snap button already in place (the one we have to go to the dry cleaner and have put in because the buttons aren't spaced right) or that cinched waist, or the capped sleeve sleeve detail to mask the extra pound or two. Easy. Playful. With zippers and florals and just enough edge, oh my. 

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