Wednesday, September 1, 2010

JBCStyle: LOL Style

We don't really find LOL stylish. It's annoying because we've seen people type the expression earnestly without cracking a smile. It's incredibly deceptive because the recepient thinks there is a lot of laughing out loud going on at your end, but in truth you are neither LOL'ing, or the more annoying ROTFL - rolling on the floor laughing. We don't care how funny something is - you should never roll on the floor at work. That's a one way, express ticket to Bellevue. We prefer you be honest. Or admit you are a bit of a LOLCAT.

But today we received an email from Refinery29 - a fun indie site we subscribe to because it has great writers, the fashion coverage is on target, but most importantly it doesn't take itself too seriously. This particular post by Kristian Laliberte and Sarah Cates just killed us.


Check the link out, but it's not about the party they are hosting with DVF - it's the sheer genius of Laliberte when he's in urban dictionary mode:

We know you're already stressed about Fashion Night's Out (uh, we are too). There's a bajillion parties, traffic will be sucky, and let's not get started on the crowds. Do you really want to traipse across the city, riddled with immense FMO (fear of missing out) on FNO? Well, we've got an invite that won't have you saying "FML."

We love the number bajillion. We hate sucky traffic. And our lives were indeed a series of daily FML's (a site where people go to post terrible things that happen to them in their daily lives. . . it does oddly make you feel better about yours) until we were presented with our FAVORITE NEW EXPRESSION for Fashion's Night Out. . . hell, all of Fashion Week and the rest of our lives in general.


Fear of missing out. We cannot let this happen. Maybe we need to make like William Baldwin and do Fashion's Night Out Sliver style?

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