Saturday, October 2, 2010

JBCStyle: Congratulations Style

Congratulations to Ana Carini of Ana Carini Design for winning our first free gift - a Chanel handbag! We're going to be doing a free give away every month FOR BLOG SUBSCRIBERS ONLY so if you haven't visited the little VIP room over to the left and filled in your email address, take a moment and let us surprise you one day. Who isn't down for a little surprise style?

We were so excited to email Ana with the news, and she responded back immediately:

I am delighted that I won the contest! I really REALLY wish I could be in NYC to personally pick up my bag. I'd love to meet with the team and get to know everyone. So sorry, but I'm miles away, in Los Angeles. . . I've been following JBCStyle on a daily basis. Very useful content. Extremely helpful resource for industry news. I really enjoy reading your posts and updates. 

Ana, you have an open invite when you're next in NYC, and no worries, we've got mail style as well. This little baby will be en route to you Monday morning and we hope you'll send us a picture of you rocking some Chanel out there in Los Angeles. We checked out your blog and think your Little Black Box idea is brilliant. We dig that you're all about the twitter style and we will be sure to check out the Ana Carini Design page on Facebook as well!

The internet has been around for so long that it's hard to reflect back on those card catalog years, but every now and then we cannot help but pause and reflect on how cool this medium is - with simple mouse clicks Chanel bags are gifted, relationships are forged, and two companies on opposite coasts can meet and learn so much about one another.

Forget Chanel, this weekend we're all about how much we love Cyber Style.


  1. That's really great news, thanks for this generous gift!!

  2. We are thrilled to connect! Thank you for all your support!