Tuesday, October 5, 2010

JBCStyle: Hunter Welly Boots Style

One look out the window and we know what we need. Yeah, last year's boots still work because these things are indestructible, but damn they just keep coming out with cuter and cuter ones. We need more style. And yes, cuter could be a word. Shakespeare made stuff up all the time.

The colors and options are so much fun and accessible easily on their website.

The detailing on the Carnaby Boa Tall is too delicious for words.

Another great tip if you just want to update the look on the pair you already have or just warm up in general: Tip toe over to your local Wink store (every Manhattan girls' neighborhood secret) and believe us, nobody carries cooler Hunter Welly accessories. Wink wink. . .

Get your Welly on. Artemis style. . .

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