Friday, October 8, 2010

JBCStyle: Man Fairy Style

We take our fashion insider style very seriously. Other style sites might have models, but we like to traverse bold new frontiers. Let everyone else feature models.

We have a Man Fairy.

It's Bryan Zaslow's birthday and we're going to keep updating all the shizzle that is going down in our office today. Video stages style. Fridays and birthdays and quintessential JBC Surprise Style. . .

When Man Fairy left, Bryan collapsed.

Rylee was absolutely obsessed with the balloons. She's new on Earth, and she's never seen them before.

Bryan's brother Adam Zaslow also works at the office, brotherstyle.

As we get older we tend to let the birthdays go. You hear the "they're just for kids" or "I don't want to celebrate getting older." We don't think style is just about the clothes you wear. It's also about the joy, the friendships, and the laughter you infuse into your days - at work and at home. We kid around a lot, but we're ending this baby serious style.

You only get one. Make it a wonderful lifestyle.

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