Thursday, January 6, 2011

JBCStyle: Rapunzel's Closet Palm Beach Style

Here's what you know: Rapunzel had mad long hair and she lived in a tower in some Disney fantasy landscape far, far from here. . . you may even be counting the days until you can watch Tangled on the big screen. But now for some InsiderStyle. . . girlfriend lives in Palm Beach (that's where her closet is, anyways) and let's just say pastels are NOT her scene. And she thinks Worth Avenue is for tourists and Madison Avenue wannabes.

New York will always do it better style.

326 South Country Road is where the action is at, and Rapunzel's Closet might be our latest obsession. Who in their right mind could resist a Van Halen t-shirt by uber-cool company Chaser LA?

And truth be told, it's been, um, maybe five years since some of us have looked into sporting Hudsons again, but we decided to let down our hair Rapunzel style and give the oldies but goodies another whirl - and yep, they are just as soft, and just as cute on the butt as ever.

In a land full of goldilocks and Lilly Pullitzer, we think it's bad ass to stash a closet full of downtown LA. You know what they say. . .

When you love it, it's love style.

Preppies let down your hair style.

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