Thursday, January 6, 2011

JBCStyle: Emily Cho Who's That Girl Style

NYU graduate Emily Gellis is the designer, owner, and CEO of Emily CHO Handbags NYC, and she's January chill as she strolls into our New York office rocking the sickest Louis Vuitton booties we've ever seen.

The bags are dope because, well, they just are, and Emily is using the finest materials and craftsmanship (they're produced in Italy) to make sure quality is not compromised.

What we love best?

There are pictures of celebrities and style icons (Patricia Field, anyone?) carrying her bags, but when we ask Emily what she's doing about press, she shrugs casually. "Not much," she answers honestly, "I like when something is a little hard to get."

You can follow the line on Facebook or Twitter, or contact their offices via the company website. We have a feeling any store that snaps up this label is going to sell out before they know it. They're a little LA, a little rocker, and dead sexy.

Catch me if you can clutch, who's that girl style.

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