Tuesday, December 21, 2010

JBCStyle: Melting Into Winter

The Romans celebrated the first day of Winter with a feast they called Saturnalia, and the Romans were a stylish crew. You know what they say. . .

When in Rome Style.

Obviously we had to add a little JBC spin on the traditional feast and decided to celebrate the shortest day of the year ice ice baby style. Shana's pals at Urban Daddy tipped her off about meltbakery (it's a dope site, we try not to link gratuitously). Finally, a 24-hour ice-cream sandwich delivery service for all of Manhattan, started by Julian Plyter and Kareen Harmady. Nikki B. went big spenda style and ordered meltbakery for the entire office.

Who's your daddy now style.

Julian arrived before the scheduled 3:30 time and it was all out excitement Bethleham style and then Julian was drowning in a sea of women (well, Luigi Maestro attended as well) as he announced the heavenly flavors: Cocoa Daddy, Elvis, Bunnyfeet, The Big Whoop. . .it went on and on and it was amazing.

Thank you, Shana, for the UrbanDaddy tip, meltbakery for both your inception and your existence, and Nikki for making this short day the sweetest thing.

Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal style.

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